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Server all about ant keeping! ⭐ Indepth Wiki ⭐Myrmecologist AMAs ⭐ Regional trade ⭐ Regional chat ⭐ Responsible ant keeping rules ⭐ Welcoming environment 😁 Join today!
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Ender Ants’ Fellow Ant Keepers revolves around keeping ants as pets! Ant-keeping is a small, but steadily growing hobby, where we literally have ants as pets. Join this server to learn more about ants, how to keep them, and how to catch your very own queen ant!
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Ant keeping community. We try to provide nice, helpful and friendly community. We have already established successful facebook group with over 7900 members. Welcome! Facebook group:
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Antkeeping server! ⭐Journals ⭐ Marketplace ⭐ Profiles ⭐ Events ⭐ Reliable Identifications ⭐Come join us now! :)