Aloof, server about tech, EAS, and anything else
Tea Room is a lovely server for Tea enthusiasts and others If you want feel free to check us out we have, Dedicated chats for tea Tons of custom roles dedicated to show your personality in tea form! There are flavors, condiments, type and much more in the roles channel We have giveaways sometimes and im working on making our server its very own bot. There are loyalty roles, and admin ones to, all featuring tea of course. If you'd like to check us out it would be wonderful you can dm @Woop#8112 if you have a suggestions or more!
Primarily a place to hang out, make friends and make general chit chat TheOhMightyServer also welcomes gamers from all platforms. With many levelled roles to achieve and self assignable roles to grab, there are so many ways to interact with your fellow discordian gamer friends! Go and introduce yourself!
Welcome cowboys to this new here server. I would appreciate if you joined this awesome gamer community.
16+!! Othercity is a city of wonders. Things go on inside, things come from outside. Anything can happen... Literally anything. Throughout this roleplay, there is a series of families that work for different purposes or lead different movements. Feel free to choose your path! Just what will your predicament be? (Make sure to introduce yourself and fill out character sheets!)
A laid back server fit for anything, we mainly just hang around and play games together, we don't mind toxicity as long as it doesn't get out of hand.