Gaming | Community
Aloof, server about tech, EAS, and anything else
Community | Hobbies
Join our chat to talk with other people who love horror!
Meme | Entertainment
Do anything you want.
Hobbies | Entertainment
A multi-topic chat server that offers the chatting.
Community | Entertainment
This is a hangout server with a dark twist. There is a category called “safe homebase” where it is nice, and has good chats. Than there is a “war zone” category. You may create any text or voice chat. There are no limits. And I mean no limits. Anything at all
Art | Anime
Tea Room is a lovely server for Tea enthusiasts and others If you want feel free to check us out we have, Dedicated chats for tea Tons of custom roles dedicated to show your personality in tea form! There are flavors, condiments, type and much more in the roles channel We have giveaways sometimes and im working on making our server its very own bot. There are loyalty roles, and admin ones to, all featuring tea of course. If you'd like to check us out it would be wonderful you can dm @Woop#8112 if you have a suggestions or more!
Gaming | Community
Primarily a place to hang out, make friends and make general chit chat TheOhMightyServer also welcomes gamers from all platforms. With many levelled roles to achieve and self assignable roles to grab, there are so many ways to interact with your fellow discordian gamer friends! Go and introduce yourself!
Gaming | Social
Gaming | Meme
A place for people to come together and become the strongest community in the world. You wanna talk about games and anime? Sure, you wanna talk about irl stuff? Aight, make friends and have a laugh
Gaming | Entertainment
The world of everything is a server where you can chat about anything except fortnite Come join us and build the community
Art | Hobbies
Furry fun discord anything
Meme | Community
No rules other than SFW, and everyone has near-admin power
Role-Playing | Entertainment
This server is basically about RP's not everyone is in, but you can also host your own RP room and allowing people to join.
Community | Growth
Casual chill server to spend your time in. 🤜AltF4🤛
Community | Anime
A fun little hangout <3
Gaming | Entertainment
This server is a server for anything! Minecraft, Chatting, Games, even advertisement! Link:
Community | Mature
welcome to my crack shack where almost anything goes. random stuff, no limits (unless against discord TOS)
Community | Entertainment
This is an anarchy discord server, there are no rules, everyone come hang out, no nudes tho plz
Streaming | Gaming
Meme | Gaming
Cool hangout place for everyone! :)
Entertainment | Hobbies
we are a multiple purpose server for pretty much anything!
Entertainment | Community
Say anything, Do anything.
Meme | Gaming
everyone is admin in this server
Community | LGBT
Hi Welcome to my server! I made server for weirdos people that always get misunderstood,bullied just for being weird and more,well do not fear no more this server is for everyone! and we will accept you for who you are! Everyone deserves love right? ( •̀ ω •́ )✧
Meme | Community
Social | Entertainment
Vortex is an opened community for everyone. Everyone and every topic is welcomed! Talk about anything, meet new people, make friends!