Gaming | LGBT
Bara╏Art╏Video Games╏Friendly Atmosphere ➤ Level 3 boosted Discord. ➤ Chat/Play Video Games/Draw art. ➤ Make friends who love Bara. ➤ Community focused and tight knitted. ➤ Role system for easy access. ➤ NSFW unlockable by activity. ➤ Toxicity discouraged.
LGBT | Gaming
We are THE largest gay male-only server. A chill group for male gaymers to hang out without the PC police. All guys into guys welcome. You must be over 18.
Anime | LGBT
Hey! Welcome to the Bara Vault! Come satisfy your needs of Bara, Yaoi, and more. Chat with other bara enthusiasts about your favorite games, animes, mangas, bls, etc. No need for a long intro you know what you came for ;) Please be 18+ only
Furry | LGBT
Greenlight Café is a small server focused on the gay furry/bara community! If you like furry/bara games then this is the server for you! Bots include Sheri Blossom and Granz. Come join us and help the server grow!