Gay Discord┇日本語・英語┇Nitro Level 3 Bara discord for men loving men, artists and gamers, We are a chill and diverse bara community. Toxic behaviour and drama is discouraged.
We are THE largest gay male-only server. A chill group for male gaymers to hang out without the PC police. All guys into guys welcome. You must be over 18.
/bara/ is a discord server dedicated to posting furry and human bara that originated on the /trash/ 4chan board.
Bara Quest is an (18+ only) Gay furry (but also human) community server where we hang out, chat, play games, hold events, etc. Join us NOWWWW
Hello and welcome to the yaoi house! This is a server full of fujoshis and and fundashis who would like to share their interests and make friends! Things our server offers: -Game nights: we all connect on a free online game and start playing :-) -Reading nights: we join a voice channel and someone shares their screen so we can all read together and make comments! -Anime/movie nights: the same concept as with the reading nights but we watch anime or movies instead! -NSFW images: they are in organized channels, so if you don't want to see them, don't worry about it! We hope you enjoy your stay!