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Crypto | Community
CBNT is a decentralized content sharing platform. You post; We reward. CBNT will be listed on Bibox Exchange on May.
Anime | Education
This server is about ethical hacking. Allows users to learn and get into web penetration testing and with various amount of people from across the web. Users from http://hackerone.com and http://bugcrowd.com has also joined us to help make the server better and greater for the web security students and white hats. ==== This server is not for use for any illegal activities. All other activities as such (illegal activity) will be kicked or banned from the server. ==== This server mainly for people who are getting started in the web penetration field and are willing to learn and earn money with their knowledge on H1 (hackerone) or Bc (bugcrowd). There's lots of knowledgeable users on there who are all willing to help and learn along side with you as well. Join us on making the web a better place: https://discord.gg/Xx77XKq Any questions or comments should be asked by the server admin on there who is very knowledgeable.