Beliefs | Role-Playing
Veggietales Community Fandom Server. Includes Roleplay, server activities, updates, polls, silly songs, tv night. Openly Affiliating with servers (must be atleast PG-13)
Panicland - Minecraft Server
Gaming | Community
We are a gamer Land and not all of us creating a bot. Just me [GB] alone coding. We can speak English and Turkish. You can come we can Code or we can Play games. We don't have a admins like kings and peasants. We are here to have fun. You always welcome to our server.
Community | Gaming
Join Us!
Anime | Gaming
Anime based server that focuses in creating a good welcoming and friendly community for everyone! We are active and looking forward to have a lot more friends like you to join us! You can find Anime, Games, Memes and a lot more! Give it a try! it's just one click away!