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Looking for a spot to discuss combat sports? The MMA Lounge 🥋 is a place for fans and fighters alike. We're a mature community and offer friendly, drama-free enviornment with fun role-reward system, up-to date automated news feed from the MMA world and much more. We discuss everything training, nutrition and combat sports related. Are you interested in, 📺 Live chat during events? 🥋Training discussion? 🍓Nutrition advice? 💰Betting strategies? 🎵Music? 🎮Gaming? Join the MMA Lounge.
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RoideMMA is a hub for MMA fans where you can hangout, chill, watch free livestreams in HD including UFC, Bellator any other MMA Organisations.
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A place to talk about combat sports just join and have fun!
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KSI vs Jake Paul 🔥 The Official KSI community Discord server 🔥 KSIOlajidebt memes, Music leaks, Chill discussion
Entertainment | YouTuber
Youtube Boxing Stream Discussion and news! We cover everything regarding the fight. Come join is today!
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Jack Paul vs Gib (AnEsonGib) discord to watch the YouTuber boxing match for free. Everything is set up for watching the match on the discord for free.
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Discuss MMA and Anything else with like minded people
Anime | Role-Playing
Based after the events of the "Hajime no Ippo" manga, the story of our generation begins in 2020, where we get to see the great world of boxing expand again! The legacy of many great boxers begins here and the stories that will be told for years to come about them have only just begun. Let the camera's roll! Hajime no Ippo: Our Generation is a server dedicated to providing an enriching boxing experience full of action-packed roleplaying and slice-of-life rejuvenating drama! We want to provide a great experience to our roleplayers in appreciation of the great manga that we revolve our stories around.
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Live Fight Chat
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Fighting Sports & Strenght Sports (EN/FR) • Talk about MMA, Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, BJJ etc. • Talk about Nutrition, Psychology, Stretching, Medicine etc. • We have teachers and fans ready to discuss with you