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The MMA Lounge 🥋 is a place for fans and fighters alike. We're a mature community and offer friendly, drama-free enviornment with fun role-reward system, up-to date automated news feed from the MMA world and much more. We discuss everything training, nutrition and combat sports related. Are you interested in, 📺 Live chat during events? 🥋Training discussion? 🍓Nutrition advice? 💰Betting strategies? 🎵Music? 🎮Gaming? Join the MMA Lounge.
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RoideMMA is a hub for MMA fans where you can hangout, chill, watch free livestreams in HD including UFC, Bellator any other MMA Organisations.
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A welcoming community and ChatHub for people where you can join and chat with our members.
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A place to talk about combat sports just join and have fun!
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Come in and have fun. we are a smal group of people that would like to form a community
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Here, we giveaway or sell WWE Network accounts for a cheaper price.
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Ultimate Fighting League is a brand new simulation league devoted to building the ultimate fighter! When you join. You get to customize your fighter, add ratings and perks, and become part of an elite UFC 3 simulation league. You choose the direction you want to take your character - whether it be Striking, Ground N Pound, Kickboxing - You get to decide. Take your character to the next level while you watch simulation fights of your character fight and earn upgrades and become the next Ultimate Fighter.
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A discord server mainly for streaming and watching MMA/Boxing sport events live when they happen! We live stream the events live on discord and also provide links to those who want to watch alone. Every Friday and Sunday we rewatch past events. Get daily MMA news and chat with other MMA fans.
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Live Fight Chat
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Fighting Sports & Strenght Sports (EN/FR) • Talk about MMA, Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, BJJ etc. • Talk about Nutrition, Psychology, Stretching, Medicine etc. • We have teachers and fans ready to discuss with you