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This is a place to talk about and celebrate Red X, our special little thief from the Teen Titans Cartoon!
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Children of the Stars is a roleplay server set in the fantasy world of Relinia. Humans (and other species) in this world have the ability to hone magic from the stars themselves and utilize them to their will. What will your character do as they explore this new world, make friends, and forge storylines?
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The Sovereignty is one part of a large-scale fantasy worldbuilding project. Users will be able to firsthand determine how the events of the future play out, how the timeline is altered, and how their characters will develop under the conditions. The Sovereignty is a long expanse, from the cliffside shores of Shoredon, to the forests of Bogdown, from the Valley of Allgeogry, to the mountains of Martin's Rock. Join in today, and delve your characters into the Sovereignty!