DREAM CATCHER There is a world where black sludge turns any who fall into it into a monster based on their hopes and dreams. With this sludge spreading across the world, it has pushed humanity to the breaking point. Humans eventually came up with the technology to be able to turn their hopes and dreams into weapons that can combat these abominations. Join the battle and reclaim our world! ~ Dream Catcher is a semi-literate RP with its own unique systems. It features a wide variety of monster types and theming. -29 monsters and counting. -Wield weapons based on the monsters you slay. -Lore and a whole database filled with information on the world! -Database includes details of the monsters and weapons, as well as events. -Information is always being updated! -An active VC where there’s always someone talking. Probably. -MH and MH-clone fan-friendly. -More features to come
In the present time, people have the abilities to become mystical creatures of unimaginable power! Your powers are derived from the creatures of either the side of Hell, Heaven, or Earth from those who've once walked on the ground beneath us. Through a dream, you're blessed with such a power, hence, you now are now able to take full control of your creature's body at will through transformations!
A discord RP server, with a great community and administration team. The RP lore and monsters are inspired by the SCP foundation, but a copy as that's, indeed, unprofessional.
In the nearby forest of mist, a new dungeon has been found and a call for action has been spread for adventurers and heroes to explore and conquer. This is a story about two sides, heroes and monsters. Heroes are able to level up and get items to help them grow stronger while monsters are able to level up and evolve! If any monster beats the current boss monster, they become the new boss monster and can change things about the dungeon. If a hero beats the boss monster they get boons as proof of their strength. Come join in!
Mainly we are looking for active roleplayers to come roleplay on this Semi-Undertale themed roleplay server.
The great war is done. The Kobolds were defeated, and everyone made peace. The Kobolds seem to have disappeared, but that doesn't matter now. We won. Falldark replaced our old King, Karllafd. Peace... At last...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Moshi Monster Goodbye Party This server is for Moshi Monster fans! We have a range of things including: Codes. Users. And much much more. Moshi Monsters is sadly closing on the 13th December so we created a memories channel <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Themed server with more Gothic Horror vibes like Bram, Shelly, Poe, ect. Need more folks, monsters of all kinds are welcome. Help us grow with your suggestions and ideas
A place to discuss the Dragon Quest franchise, whether it be main series games, spin-offs, or fan made content! We also host tournaments for you to vote on your favourite DQ game, piece of music, etc. Changes to the server run by polls to members.
After a War, Mages and Hunters have conflicted views towards eachother. This server is a roleplaying server about this.
"The Supernatural" is a 14+ welcoming monster/mythical themed server. It's a small yet active server with emotes, bot fun, and ranks! We specialize in bringing your stereotypical "rejects" together to form something special. Join us, we don't bite!