Be part of a community filled with a community of users who would like to chat, role play, and play games we are always open for suggestions.
Shitposts and chill chats - We've got 0 rules, complete anarchy, feel free to do whatever you want.
★★★ We’re a community server with many purposes. Here you have the opportunity to make new friends, socialise, find other people to game with, discover new music, and much more! We have big plans for the *future*, such as custom bots and giveaways. You can choose your own role colour, pick and choose personality roles, and play around with our bots! We've also got a chat for the girls, the boys, the gamers, you name it! Feel like having a debate? We've got a channel for that too. I decided to give this server a fun and *unique* theme of space! See you on the inside, stargazer.
Chatting, Chilling, Meming.
Gelamen Locus is a chatting based server, focused around the creation of friendship and being a place where everyone can chill out. It includes numerous bots for fun, music, etc, and the server is watched by a great staff team.
We are looking for active discord members who are friendly and respectful, but aren't afraid to be themselves and enjoy their time in the server. We are a 16+ server, but certain chats are 18+. (Apologies to the minors) We are always accepting new active members.
Under Construction...
Things we provide for the Community! -Active Chats! -NSFW Content -Verification System (Open and closed NSFW Area) -Good and active Staff Team -Server activities -Interact with people from all Ages & Countries -Fun Chats & Bots to make the Server more alive -Level System
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