Chatting, Chilling, Meming.
We are looking for active discord members who are friendly and respectful, but aren't afraid to be themselves and enjoy their time in the server. We are a 16+ server, but certain chats are 18+. (Apologies to the minors) We are always accepting new active members.
Tractor Ganggg! A fun community with channels for memes, music, games, self-promotion, and more! Always welcoming new members! NEW BOT MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR SERVER! Type B)verify in #tractor-verify to verify yourself. (DISCLAIMER: Tractor Gang has nothing to do with gangs or tractors)
«⚜» SERVER CREATOR «⚜» ¬Te gustaria tener tu propio servidor de discord pero no sabes como configurarlo? ¬Tienes algun problema con tu servidor y te gustaria que alguien te ayudara? ¬No sabes como usar tu servidor? °¬UNETE A ESTE SERVIDOR Y TRATAREMOS DE RESOLVER TUS DUDAS Y/O AYUDARTE.
Things we provide for the Community! -Active Chats! -NSFW Content -Verification System (Open and closed NSFW Area) -Good and active Staff Team -Server activities -Interact with people from all Ages & Countries -Fun Chats & Bots to make the Server more alive -Level System