Community | Entertainment
Hello! This a Christmas-based server that s for anyone who loves Christmas and wants to show it. We include a Christmas countdown, facts, emojis and more! My plan, as the owner, is to have a large enough member-base to do a Christmas Eve VC event. Thank you for reading, and I hope you consider joining!
Entertainment | Technology
We are a SO2 server based clan SO2 is a FPS real time multiplayer shooter and is basically cs:go on mobile we have a very well based moderating team and just need memebers
Entertainment | Meme
a small but powerful and fun server
Gaming | eSports
I'm a up and coming small twtich streamer that has a discord channel to engage with gamers and also myself :0. this server is mainly overwatch, if you want some friends and play with some people then come by! there's only a few members but we are trying to grow! i will be streaming also and it will notify you and stuff :). a lot of stuff will be added to the server soon! MODS ARE NEEDED DM ME AND WE WILL TALK.
Community | Hobbies
🎄Heya, everyone! We're a fun, friendly community that absolutely loves the Seasons and Holidays, and everything about them! Join up and come celebrate the seasons with us, and maybe make your life a little more fun!🎄
Meme | Gaming
Pepe Christmas Emotes
Community | Gaming
Hey guys! Welcome to hell, i mean cough... new server! You kow the drill! If you find our or my dry humour and sarcasm worth to stay, invite friends!