A french server to speak about the new sm girl group , Aespa . Everyone is welcome if they love Aespa .
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Disney Frozen with Anna and Elsa Discord Server. A Backup project by RoadToPetabyte http://pixly.me/rtp
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Gaming | Hobbies
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/K6XQfCC INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/remozgaming/ YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEH9pkUa8BfF057CBhqbJSQ/ OUR SERVERS IN FRANCE: =REMOZ= LIVONIA [EU] |PVP|HighLoot|NoStamina|DayNight =REMOZ= Winter Europe =XPANDED 2.0= Op. BlackOnyx PVP|Loot+|Car+|Clothes+|CustomMap OUR SERVERS IN CANADA: =REMOZ= LIVONIA [CA] |PVP|HighLoot|NoStamina|DayNight =REMOZ= Winter Canada
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Role-Playing | Entertainment
ωєℓ¢σмє тσ ⋆єνєяgяєєи ༄ є¢ℓιρѕє⋆ α тσωи gυαя∂є∂ ву α вαяяιєя, ѕσ тнαт иσ νιℓℓαgєя ¢αи ℓєανє. ιт'ѕ єтєяиαℓℓу иιgнттιмє, αи∂ тнє σиℓу ∂αуℓιgнт тнє тσωи єνєя ѕєє'ѕ ιѕ α вα¢кωαя∂ѕ ѕυиѕєт. ιf ѕσмєσиє нαѕ тнє ∂єтєямιиαтισи, αи∂ тнє ραѕѕισи.. тнєу ¢συℓ∂ тяανєℓ fσя ∂αуѕ тσ gєт тσ αυяα ρєєк, тσ νιєω тнє иσятнєяи ℓιgнтѕ. тнє тσωи ιѕ ¢σℓ∂, тσ ѕσмє вєαυтιfυℓ.. мαиу σf тнє νιℓℓαgєяѕ тнαт αяє уσυтнfυℓ αи∂ ιи є¢ℓιρѕє нιgн αяє αиgєℓ-∂ємσи нαℓf вяєє∂ѕ. ωє αωαιт уσυя αяιναℓ, ~мяѕ ριиє
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Community | Emoji
Christmas Emotes for the Christmas Season! We have emotes such as Santa's, Snowman's, Reindeers, Padoru Genshin Impact emotes, other padoru emotes and many more! Other emotes server links in the server!
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Community | Gaming
Um hi. In Impexis we do things and its totally not like in any other server. Of course ours is more wholesome because it was created by us. I’m sorry you had to read this I was forced to write this at 4.34 AM by an admin but please join its lit asf. <3 ⛄️
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**☆꧁ __Fuyu City__꧂☆** A City for the Elite. Join us and become one! This server id for all story telling/writing/reading lovers as well as winter lovers out there!