Community | Entertainment
Relax and enjoy the summer with other people whilst you talk and play games!
Furry | Social
We are a friendly server of bones, memes, furries, LGBT, gardeners, and many other things. Have a nice stay!
Community | Gaming
Welcome to the official Team Corgi Discord Server for Team Corgi in the Steam Summer Sale 2019! Some features: - Strategy planning - Communicate with your team - Join in on competitions - And much more!
Community | Hobbies
A fun, organized community server with self-adding roles so that teens and young adults can socialize and find friends they have things in common with.
Gaming | Hobbies
Server for My Summer Car game community By joining the server, you agree with the following rules: What to expect from the server: Notifications when a new update is released Large and active community Dedicated channel to request help with the game Modding chat Voice channels And more!