Welcome to MisfitFortune Club! We are a Discord server centered around appreciation for cars and automotive engineering/design. We want to create a small community that share a mutual love for all things car related, including Initial D, Wangan Midnight, Top Gear, Hot Version, etc. Japanese, Korean, American, and European car fans are all welcome from all across the globe. Some interests include (and are definitely not limited to): - Sharing car pictures - Car spotting - Car builds - Screenshots from Forza, GT, Asetto Corsa, DiRT Rally - Motorcycles - Offroading - Mechanical Engineering - /o/ Come hang out!
This is a public server for Mercedes-Benz fans on Discord. Everyone is welcome! Owning a Benz is not required! General MB talk, from car purchase, repairs to motorsports are covered here.
Friendly gta car community :D stance, lowrider, sleeper, ricer.... all car guys are welcome! we also have modders to help you :D
A fun Discord For the Drifting Community to come together
Breakdown eSports is a community oriented organization with Rocket League teams. If you are looking to up your game and meet others who are as driven and as passionate about doing so, then join today! We host giveaways, scrims, tournaments, streams, and tryouts.
Anime, cars, art and music are the main focuses of this server.
Maryland automotive hub
A discord server for car enthusiasts on the american East Coast.
We are a server to help the Japanese car community to come together! We focus on Japanese cars in general, not only JDM. Our community consists of people, with amazing cars, from around the world and we would like to grow the server with you. Thank you!
basically a collage of whatever people decide to talk about.
Cars, Cars, Cars, everything related to cars are welcome! :D
Server Dedicated to anything Volkswagen Audi Group!
Server for My Summer Car game community By joining the server, you agree with the following rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UgOp-BnaLSaxxsJ1PaUkCZ0owcSJnw1Ykg5e50B6-l8 What to expect from the server: Notifications when a new update is released Large and active community Dedicated channel to request help with the game Modding chat Voice channels And more!
This server is about Miatas.
Discord's #1 JDM/Tuner/Stance Discord Server | Created by Kim#9999 | Partnered with https://www.reddit.com/r/JDM/
A TDU-Style Roleplay with a Turned Based Racing system, bots for showing cars' stats and currencies, and weekly events.
Music, art, cars, memes, Lego, photography... Everything you could dream of: The Wonderland Saloon!