Join our army in discord to do the most interesting things. Our server is made to provide CPO lovers around the world a place to connect , make friends , and have a great time.
The official server for the Rebel (Penguin) Federation. Yes, the very community that existed on the OG CP. We are still alive and have expanded into other games. This server is specifically for the Club Penguin community.
The Penguin Paradise es un Cómic basado en el juego de Disney; Club Penguin. En este servidor hablamos acerca del cómic y otras cosas. - Pacmans Permitidos. - Hacemos sorteos diarios. - Canal NSFW. - Comunidad amigable y tranquila.
Club Penguin - New Adventure is a free-to-play continuation/revival of Disney's virtual word Club Penguin, with our personal spin on things and custom content!
A club penguin army across many cpps
Winged Hussars - A Club Penguin army. We are a group who meetup to do events on different games, Club Penguin (various remakes) is our main base but we also play: - Habbo Hotel - Roblox - Minecraft (2 servers) Daily tournaments, meetups, games. We accept anyone to join, and you'll rise up our ranks in no time! - snork
A server exposing Club Penguin Online and its staff for disguting and illegal acts with evidence to spread the truth.
Club Penguin, gaming, Disney
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Club Penguin Central - The top CPPS news at the tip of your flippers. Coming soon!
A fun Club penguin army with events and activties!