Gaming | Community
The official server for the Rebel (Penguin) Federation. Yes, the very community that existed on the OG CP. We are still alive and have expanded into other games. This server is specifically for the Club Penguin community.
Gaming | Community
The Rebel Federation is a gaming community designed for all gamers of all types. Join today!
Gaming | Community
We are a recreation of Club Penguin. We have many exclusive features, items, mascots, and rooms.
Gaming | Entertainment
Club Penguin - New Adventure is a free-to-play continuation/revival of Disney's virtual word Club Penguin, with our personal spin on things and custom content!
Gaming | Role-Playing
Winged Hussars - A Club Penguin army. We are a group who meetup to do events on different games, Club Penguin (various remakes) is our main base but we also play: - Habbo Hotel - Roblox - Minecraft (2 servers) Daily tournaments, meetups, games. We accept anyone to join, and you'll rise up our ranks in no time! - snork
Writing | Community
Club Penguin Central - The top CPPS news at the tip of your flippers. Coming soon!
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Join the CPPS Community Discord server!
Gaming | Community
The official Army of Club Penguin is the oldest Club Penguin group, dating back to 2006. We operate on CP Rewritten, hosting battles, trainings, stamp meetups, and fun events every day.
Gaming | Community
Looking for a new world? Looking for a new experience? Looking to meet new people? Then PIC is the place for you.
Community | Gaming
Welcome to New Club Penguin, a snowy virtual world where you can waddle around with our friendly community and meet amazing new people! You can go down a tall snowy mountain, build an amazing home, adopt the best pets, and enjoy new parties each month!
A Club Penguin Private Server that is relaunching soon. Join our server to talk to the UltraCP Staff team and more!
Gaming | Community
Welcome to the Templars of Club Penguin! We are an group locally based off of the game Club Penguin. Since April 2018, Templars have been one of the moat influential and strongest armies. Join us in our holy crusade today!
Gaming | Social
Hey there! Golden Troops is a Club Penguin Army created in 2010. It's main purpose is to hold events on different CPPS' such as Club Penguin Rewrittten. We host fun costume takeovers, fun events such as Hide and Seek and Minigames and also host game nights on different platforms like Minecraft and Roblox. Check it out by clicking the invite link provided!
Art | Emoji
> Hi there. I am just an advertisement banner. I am offering an invitation to a new server that offers custom **Club Penguin** Emotes. If I managed to attract your attention and you have love for the emotes, I am humble to have ya in the lounge. > Just to be absolutely clear, we are **not** a chat you can come and chill with us servers. Those servers are goddamn pointless. Trust me. If ya want a server that ya wanna chat with, not this one. *This* is only for emotes. > **Interested?** *Press the server link to join us!*
Community | Gaming
We are a community server for Box Critters, a new virtual world. With automated mascot and item trackers, The Critter Circle aims to be the most comprehensive Discord for Box Critters and the community!