Fun hangouts community :3
A friendly anime server to meet numerous people and get along with everyone! Keep things SFW and English, and interact with others about your everyday life. Join some clubs and talk to others in the clubs about things you enjoy! Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your stay! Things that we do: ▸ Weekly events for the server ▸ Giveaways ▸ Exp / Leveling system ▸ Colored roles ▸ Music bots ▸ Mudae/Waifu Bot ▸ Active/Friendly Staff ▸ Open to suggestions
This is an lgbt server that is for anyone but has a strong amount of trans support mostly. We allow everyone here, as long as they aren't there to tear us back down after an admin went rogue. We rebuilt this and are starting to take it back up. We have vcs, a league club, rotating chat mods, and many other things as well as actively listening to the member's suggestions! Please spend some time with us.
A fun new server with loving admin and mods And fun new things that will be unlocked at 100 members or more! :D Please join we would love to have you join our family! <3 We will host games and events! :))
Hello and welcome to Tape Club (Online) If you like talking about memes, Anime, Nsfw, and more this is the server for you, we like to talk to the community around us, If you want to join, please do! We love meeting new people! Sincerely, Tape Club Leader
Are you interested in learning or teaching Japanese? If so, you're more than welcome to join our Konosuba inspired anime/Japanese cultured server! We're friendly, active, and multicultural! Play with our bots, share your art, music, or games! We have Japanese teaching, mentors, and actively growing. Make sure to join us today, drop and be a part of our lovely community uwu. We have: - Qualified teachers and natives who can help you on your trip to learning Japanese! - Clubs to fit your interests! - Anime channels! - Minigames! - Active voice channels! - Karaoke sessions! - Gaming nights on weekends! - Self-roles! - Active and kind members! - Open for partnership! - 1300+ members and progressively growing! - On-going Japanese classes! - Cross-server event collaboration services! - And much, much, more! We are actively looking for staff to teach Japanese and event team members! Stop by and see if you'd be a good fit for us!
Do you love reading but don’t have anyone to talk to about the fantastic book you just finished? Come join us in Between the Lines; we’re always looking for friendly, active members to share our love of books with! We also have several channels for the discussion of other topics, such as games and meme-ing, but mostly we’re all here for our love of books and we’d love to see you come join our discussions!