A friendly active community looking for other people to meet and talk to. We have self-assignable roles and colors.
Need friends? Need love? Need Social Interaction? Need a mature server? Need actual fun? JOIN!
Osu Based Server with other fun channels
Learn ALL the insider tricks of Discord! Text formatting | Markdown | Colored Text | Centered Categories | Permissions | React Colors | Invisible text | Emoji secrets | Spaces in channel names | and much much more! 👉 We even make and give away animated images to really make your Discord stand out!
Chill art server, vibe w/ us please!
Just for clarification, disorders include anything from physical disabilities to mental, social, or behavioral disorders. As stated before, any and all are welcome as long as you’re open minded
Whoopsies Enterprises, Inc. is a small server looking to expand. We have active members, 20 color roles, topic chats for cars, memes, games, anime, technology and more. We like gaming, memes and generally having a good time. Join now!
Welcome to Sizzli, a chill server that talks about anything. Meet new people and form friendships. The users in this server are nice and easy to talk to. There is no certain topic so you can feel free to talk about anything you want as long as it is appropriate. There are self roles and colors you can choose from to customize yourself. You can introduce yourself to tell us more about yourself. Helpful Server Owner (Aidan/Siz) so reach out if you need help with the server.
Rihimihi is fun friendly server for all Weeb and Gamers!
Do you play Hotel Hideaway? Do you make text codes for it? Wondering what that above means? Well then this server is perfect for you! We experiment with different symbols and colors on HH to make cool codes, so feel free to join!