Our server is a community focused club for creative people to work together and well.....Create I had this idea when dealing with writers block one day and realized that sometimes people don't want to have to stress out about weather "This chapter is good enough" or "My art isn't what i want it to be" . So i put this group together so that we can all have fun doing what we love together.
This is a fan server of the Sanders Sides community. The Sanders Sides is owned by Thomas Sanders. The characters are Anxiety, Creativity, Morality, and Logic. Better yet known as Virgil, Roman, Patton, and Logan.
Hey! Welcome to Creativity. Did you ever want to show-off your skills, did you ever want to chat with people who had the same skills as you? Did you ever want to meet creative people and share creative skills? Then this server is the best for you! Everything here is supposed to be a creative discussion for people who want to actually show their skills and meet people who share the same skill-set as YOU.
This is a place where people on the Autism spectrum can share their creative talents with others.
Share all your cardboard builds here, you can also help other build something, and talk with others.
This is The Creative Cosmos! A server dedicated to sharing and promoting all forms of creative expression. :) We have a lot of things to do, including: > Making friends > Server games > Finding roleplay partners and groups > Worldbuilding > Sharing Art > Sharing OCs > Promoting Commissions as well as much, much more to come! We have both SFW and NSFW channels, protected with manual staff verification. As well as an ever-expanding list of server games and vanity roles for you to enjoy! If there's anything you'd like to see added, our staff will happily assist in making it into a reality. On top of all of this, we will be continually building, expanding, and developing a continuous and constant roleplay universe for our members to enjoy! This will be entirely user-driven, so your opinion can and will count in its development! We hope to see you here!
A new server mainly focused on creativity, hop on in and share your artwork to the server!
This is a server I hope let's you find a group your comfortable with, a group where you belong. For those who love a wholesome experience, we have our heaven, and for those who love a bit of chaotic energy, hells insanity chat is for you. Overall any are welcome in this newly established pantheon
The Creativity Hive is tailored towards artists, animators, writers, and roleplayers! Feel free to share your art, animations, photography, stories, writing oneshots, upcoming novels, roleplay groups, and more! This server offers resources for both art and roleplay as well, including planning and brainstorming channels, tutorial and tip request areas, and advertising spaces!
Welcome to Design Lab! We welcome designers of all shapes, sizes, and colors! Here you can find new people and have fun. We have many different creative minds in the discord! Whether you're a beginner or a professional who has been working for years in the industry. We promote people to share their work and give thoughtful feedback. And also we have a market place to find jobs or to sell your expertise!
Hey (: the Safe Haven originally was created as a small friend group, but I figured we should expand a bit and get to know new people. Our server revolves around a small community with fairly active members and a lot of bots to mess around with. We have areas to show off your talent as an artist, writer, etc! I hope to see you here!
Naka's Enchanted Forest!🌲 🎹 All Art and Musical creatures are welcome, whether you're a late night or early morning creature!🌙 Creativity is the life of this forest. Join us in the night and day! Pursuing out dreams together. | new server revision 💕Artists-Creators-Music Producers-Singing💕
A cozy self help community to discuss mental health, creativity and positivity! A true safe space, free of judgement and completely SFW! The community is small so far since it’s new but we’d love to have you join!
Though our community is small we're trying to add more to the family. Our goal is to help each other weather it be positive inspiration, technical help, or simply a place to share your thoughts and chill with others. We also have a self-promoting area and special events and a resource center.
Looking for artists who like ruan jia and want to learn from him. I will share ressource and stuff. We can discuss about art and stuff. This server is new.
Creative Corner is a server where everyone can share their creative mediums! Some of the mediums we cover include: -Art -Writing -DnD -Coding -Video Production -Crafts -Welding -Woodworking -Baking -Cooking -Photography -Origami -Music -And many others!
This server is a place where you can feel comfortable to share your work and talk about art in general. If not that then a place to chat with members in VC or text chat, the choice is yours. Have fun!
nice server, trying to form a good community, where you can roleplay hangout and chat about what ever you'd like. share you're lifestyle, art, and much more! just don't instant leave, that is a waste of you're own time. join if you think this is interesting. don't if not.
Welcome to LGBTQ+ home! This is a server created primarily for LGBTQ+ teens, created by LGBTQ+ teens! Here you can chat, share memes, share your creativity, play games and get support! This is a safe environment so any hateful speech (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia etc.) will not be tolerated. Join up if you like, we'll try and make it as fun as we can. We are also accepting as much feedback as possible. If you have any questions, or there's something that you feel needs to be added, shoot a moderator or the owner a DM and we will discuss if it should be added or not. Thank you for any engagement you may give us
This server is intended to be a chill place for people to hang out, creative people to share their creative, and for streamers to share their streams. The server will have bi-weekly movie nights and various contests for small amounts of money.
If you like anime, memes, games, art, and more you're at the right place! Feel free to stop by anytime and hang out with your friends.
Ragnarok is a Creativity server. Whether it's for Music, Roleplay, or Writing. You are able to widely express your creativity in many genres, and not feel judged by it. It spans from Nightcore to regular Music, Writing in Google Documents to writing in Wattpad. The span of creativity is expansive. Many roleplay selections to choose from, whether it's Norse Mythology to Free Lance Roleplay, spread your wings and fly like Icarus (Without the falling.)
We're a growing active and chill community with a Pokémon Themed server! Everyone is welcome here.