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Anime | Community | LGBT
An LGBTQ-friendly place for anime fans to hang out and socialize about their favorite anime! Hundreds of amazing emotes and fun events!
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Anime | Community | LGBT
An LGBTQ-friendly place for anime fans to hang out and socialize about their favorite anime! Hundreds of amazing emotes and fun events!
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Investing | Crypto
most people out are rich thanks degen method but is a high-risk investment. How is possible? The secret is to find the project that is launched for many weeks, check the security of the smart contract and make thousand of the dollars, after exit and enjoy the profit
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Crypto | Financial
Crypto Wealth Labs 🧪💎 is a FREE cryptocurrency & NFT community on discord. We provide knowledge and trading signals🚦 to help you handle and successfully trade 📈 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Solana, Ethereum, XRP and alot more . 💰 MAKE MONEY The trading signals and knowledge we provide will take your crypto trading success to the next level. Step by step. 💼 SAVE MONEY We subscribe to many paid groups of professional crypto traders and give you the information 1:1 for a fraction of the actual prices. 💬 DISCUSS Join our friendly community and discuss your trading with other fellow traders. You are not alone out there! 📗 LEARN Learn to read charts, gain knowledge of how crypto trading and the markets work with countless pdf books, videos and other resources. 🚨🚨🚨Take your crypto trading to the next level - We subscribe to many paid groups, so you only have to subscribe to us – for FREE🚨🚨🚨
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Art | Community
We are a group of Italian artists whose main mission is to make Italy and its sides more and more known in the world through unique NFT. Join our server to understand the project. We look forward to letting you know the date of the first DROP.
Crypto | Community
ARTBAD is a trans-national brother/sister coding/artist team that makes weird NFTs. - Join #general-chat and just start / continue good conversations and the most active users get free NFTs worth between $50-$600! - Same deal if you others to the Discord and get free NFTs too! (Leaderboard bot will track who you bring in) - Great art/illustration in our NFTs, these are not your typical "lazy NFT" ideas. Come make an effort and we'll reward you!
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Crypto | Community
MammEths is a community of animals that live in the metaverse, aiming to solve one of the most challenging environmental issues: saving endangered animals. The focus of our project is to build a community that will use virtual influence in order to address this problem. With the help of the MammEths we will save endangered animals by making their extinction an impossible reality.
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Crypto | Community
Welcome to Pancake Pumps! Together as a community we will perform extreme pumps on Pancakeswap. By all buying 1 coin at the same time we can pump up the price of a coin to sell at the top with huge profits. Our team has great experience in the execution of pumps and will do everything to make our pumps a great success. Have you never participated in a pump before? Then we recommend that you read through the how-to-pump channel.
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Crypto | Community
Get the latest news and updates about the game Crypto Surferz. Meet lots of other players and make friends. Become a surfer and be part of a strong community. This server is the place to hang out while playing or learning the game. Have fun and exciting events, activities or giveaways for members.
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Crypto | Investing
Official free Discord of the @cryptoanalyses Instagram account! We'll be sharing some free info from our premium channel, including Market Updates, Short Term Updates, Trading Patterns, and much more!
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Crypto | Education
Hi all, I would like to invite you to my Discord Called Community Crypto Crew. We offer Learning materials, buy and sell signals, Charts,Trade setups, live technical analysis and live group training lessons. At Crypto Crew, we believe there’s nothing more unstoppable then when people come together. This group’s mission is to create a global community of diverse individuals who will support, challenge, and inspire one another by providing a platform for mentorship, career development, personal growth, and fun. We encourage you to share your knowledge, ask questions, participate in discussions and become part of this growing community. Together we can become better community leaders and provide our members with a much better experience.
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Crypto | Community
The level of consistency and accuracy that we have demonstrated in this Channel is amazing. We are the ONLY Community who not only informs about the entry point but also about the Exit point of Trades which is very important to retain profit. Perfect short, mid, and long term buys. High quality signals - Easy to understand - Works in bullish and bearish market! basically, we tell you what will pump, you buy and make a shit load of money! easy!
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Crypto | Community
The Money Spark is a Community focussed Crypto , IDO, Education and IDOs driven community with multiple utilities and also private and seed round updates. It has also fresh updates on NFTs, New Launches and a lot more