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Hello, and welcome to Cyberlife! Your virtual tool to happiness. This server is based on a game, called Detroit: Become Human, in which androids are the main plot, it's the year 2038 and Cyberlife just made its first-ever detective android. And at the same time, cases of Deviants started popping up, androids that go beyond their coding and think they are alive. This server is canon only, meaning no OC's are allowed, for now, I will think about allowing them in the future. This is also a semi-lit to lit server if you do not have the motivation to make huge paragraphs don't worry because it is in a way text-based. But if you have the motivation you are free to roleplay to your hearts content.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
A Detroit: Become Human discord server for fans who want to meet other fans :)
Gaming | Role-Playing
Detroit: Become Human is a Detroit Fantasy AU roleplaying game that welcomes both OCs and canon characters. You don't even need to know anything about Detroit to join in on the fun.