Welcome to the Detroit experience. On November 12th, the battle ended. The androids had won. It was a powerful moment, the beginning of change. Androids celebrated the victory, humans now having to change their entire mindset on them. It was both a powerful, and painful moment. So many were lost in battle, so many died for the cause. But it was finally over. They were free. Fast forward a couple months, and things have massively changed. Androids could now choose a job, though most stuck to the job they had. Many became deviant, few remaining machine. Laws changed, allowing more freedom to androids. However, they weren't entirely free. Laws, though they changed, remained strict on the Androids. If an android broke the law, it was game over. Overall, many good things have happened. This server takes place about 2 months after the revolution, and it's the best ending in the game. If there is any other questions ask an admin