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Welcome to the Unofficial Paradox Interactive Discord Server!
Stevie's fun place is a server made by a memelord FOR the memelords. A safe haven for those who are banished from the more "liberal servers".
Daily EU4 multiplayer hosts (around 2 PM EST on weekdays; 7 PM EST on weekends). Also a great place to ask for help in regards to EU4.
Fraternité de Rébellion is a Hearts of Iron IV mod set in the flames of 1933 where the French Revolution failed.
Sick and tired of having great games ruined by the host's ability to host? Frustrated by randoms ruining it for everyone? Not able to find a server to count on for rehosts? If so, Timmy Tim Tim's has heard your concerns and is the server for you! As one of the last bastions of proper hosting for all things EU4 and HOI4, games are hosted on TTT's server on the same nights at the same time every week!
Un serveur Discord plutôt porté sur les Grands jeux de stratégies du studio Paradox Interactive, mais aussi d'autre jeux en général. Communauté amicale et mature, de quoi vous proposer une bonne allée vers la reconnaissance des dieux.
Hearts of iron / Stellaris/ Europa / Imperator / Csgo / Fps / Strategy
Oyununu zehir eden hardcore oyunculardan bunalmış, oynadığı oyunun tadını çıkarmak isteyenler için bir araya gelen topluluk.
The Balion Fyrd is a M&B II: Bannerlord clan founded in February 2020. We strive to facilitate a fun and relaxed but semi-serious and disciplined clan focused around three types of play styles (regular battle, competitive, and roleplay). Whether you're into e-sport style competitive gameplay or roleplaying in a persistent world type server, in BFyrd you're in good company.