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Art | LGBT
Welcome to the Pencil Brush and Pen! We are a friendly server welcoming all those who want to improve and share their art, as well as make new friends! This server features: >Three chats to post art to your heart's content! >Critique channels to get input and improve! >Channels for writing, photography, memes, speedpaint streams, blog sharing and more! >Commission, art trading and adoptables channels and rules! In the works are: >Monthly challenges >Prompt and free use ideas chat >Inktober/Mermay participation chats! We are a very LGBTQ+ and MOGAI+ friendly chat! Please do not join if: >You harbor hate or 'disagree' with LGBTQ+ or MOGAI+ identities. >You would call yourself a 'truscum' or 'transmed' or 'terf' >You run a 'flop' account If this sounds like the place for you, join our steadily growing family at the PBAP!
Note- Server now has nsfw and fanfiction Do you like Undertale? Do you like Minecraft? And do you especially like role playing? Then join this server as we combined all those three into one! Sometimes, we’ll record and put it on YouTube! Right now, we’re building an undertale map in Minecraft so come join to help! And don’t worry, if you have no Minecraft, we have normal rp servers for you! Come join us today!
16+ SFW server this server is here to help you with your Streaming, Social media and Video making! We are friendly and don't Judge. we just wanna chill and hang
Student Council is an anime server where you can hang out, chill and share your writing!
Just an mlp/species/furry/humans server with very accepting people! You can post any art you want and even stories and fanfics are welcomed! You get to make your own Nocturnal Howler, a species of mine, there are paid traits too if you feel like upgrading your howler! <3 Come have fun!