Community | Entertainment
Wir sind ein Community Server, wo du neue leute kennen lernen kannst, dich mit anderen austauschen kannst oder einfach nur Zeit verbringen kannst. Wir bieten dir viele möglichkeiten und bringen häufig updates.
Community | Role-Playing
🍓🍓🍓 Cool server for fun conversations with beautiful girls and smart guys. Pleasant and interesting hangout and pastime.
Music | Anime
This server is mainly based on music and songs.You can also socialize and have fun.There are no rules feel free to do anything lol.Feel free to join and ya,have fun.
Entertainment | Community
♡ Keep chatting to unlock higher levels and have special permissions. ♡ Meet new friends and have fun with them! ♡ Meet new awesome friends, everyone is friendly here (if you join at the right time lol) and I'm pretty sure you'll feel so comfortable with them. ♡ .... and much much
Role-Playing | Music
looking for some dumplings we have here! looking for fan clubs, mafia stuff, best bots, & the server that allows u to break rules! then join this server...We Are Friendly and flirty with some perverted people and some marriages and dating's...
Community | Meme
The Discord server that you can have so much fun, learn Turkish popular and historic culture and chat all day! ➼ A lot of funny text channels where you can spend your precious time! ➼ Chat environment where no one is prejudiced! ➼ Fair moderation! ➼ Admins who are active and can ask anything you want! ➼ Voice channels where you can play games with your friends, listen to music or even watch movies! ➼ If you say I'm a real gambler, here is a casino for you! ➼ A channel that you can only speak english! ➼ Special Kebab recipes XDD!