Fortnite Creative with Zone Wars, Competitive Games, Pro Practice, Custom Games, Zone Games, Rotation Practice and much more!
This server is a nice community of friendly people who like to play fortnite! If you like fortnite, then hop in the battle bus and join this server!
Welcome to Fries Customs & More! This a fun community of Fortnite gamers ➽ What do we have? - Fortnite Custom Matchmaking - Custom Matchmaking Scrims - An LFG for finding new players to play with - Voice chats for duo/squads/creative - Community Zone Wars, Box Fights, FFA, etc. - A leaderboard and exclusive roles for our tournament winners
On this server you can do 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or even 4v4 box fights. You can also wage with other members or you can just do box fights for fun.
just a simple Fortnite server