Active server full of edgy teens (50% e-girls). If you have a high threshold for trolling and like to have fun, join us. We're active 24/7.
Hello! I hope you're having a day as wonderful as you are! Looking for a cute server? We’d like to invite you to join! It’s a place where the attention seekers are gone, and the place is scrubbed toxic free! It’s a good place to chill so look no further! We're happy and appreciative to have you aboard, see ya there! - Active Voice Chat - Game Nights - Overwhelming Wholesomeness
Where Memes Are Made Easy.
Music and Gaming based channel seeking moderators.
-Play in a group? ✓ -trolling? ✓ -Roblox? ✓ Join this server to have different ranks and TROLL LOLOLOL!!
A server comprised of people that just like to game and talk. Join us and just hangout with the boys :D. Were not that strict and we dont have a oppressive hierarchy like most servers were very vanilla and dont clutter the channel list.
This is a epic server with memes.
Community, Friends, Relaxed, Gaming, Fun. As a former cult, things got very relaxed when our God retired. Now we're just a bunch of goofballs joking around, making friends, and having a good time. We're a relaxed community that does a little bit of everything. Feel free to join us!
This is Castle Zomp a place to find people to play games with and shit post. This server has very interesting and entertaining people. Join and play games like Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, and Fortnite.
A Newly Started server trying to build a community full of fully diverse people and many people with the same interests as you !!! We Have The Following Bots -Pokecord -A Full economy -Music Bots -And a full leveling System Come join !!!
An ironic server with almost no rules
We have free roles and cool stuff
We are the AP11. Community Server, we enjoy chatting around, having fun, and Making Everyone feel awesome!🥳 I hope you will enjoy being with us, We are growing everyday!!! Come on board. we have everything you can think of! :DD
We got memes, gamers, and content creators. We play anything from GTA5 to minecraft on our own sever. Come join us and make some friends.
A server where people could meet new people, play some games, share some memes, and most importantly, have fun! Join Now!
A prison themed server where everything goes except for pedophilia. Toxicity is appreciated.
a calm server in need of some more attention
Fun, open minded, Gaming, Memes, Having a good time
This is a new discord server where anyone is welcome, we have new chats for Xbox, PS4 and PC, or just for a general chat! Bring a friend or 10 and come and join us! Thank you :)
Hi, I own a server called "welcome to work". please join! We've got tons of roles and fun channels to talk in. We even have voice channels! please join! It's really small we hope it will grow. please join! Thanks for reading. please join! - Naly/Bubble
deliberately small discord for folk that like quieter discords. your messages are guaranteed to be seen.
Welcome to BruhTopia, home of the Garf. We are a chill community server that’s lots of fun and isn’t too strict on rules, anyone can join as we’re open to anyone and everyone!
*ACTIVE CHAT* Crazy chat, meet good friends and play some games with us. JOIN TODAY!
fun lil server i made with my friends, we don't like weebs and we have a dark sense of humour
Join this server if you like fortnite and memes!
Just a server made for people to fuck around on and possibly get some E-Girls
Up and coming Streaming and Youtube server!
A collection of the most dedicated Arby's fans. has a welcoming community, active mods and admins, and the meats!
A discord server with minimal rules meant for those banned from other servers.
We would love to have you join our server - come and join our server today!
It's honestly the best server ever.
there are more rules but I can't fit all of them, you just have to join and see for yourself. Welp, we hope you enjoy the server, we love chatting and hanging out... see you there! And guess what, the server is for ALL AGES!!
Servidor para chat diverso, venha conversar sobre qualquer assunto com a gente!