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tf I said join thots.
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welcome; to shooketh we will provide you a semi-toxic community, but it can be controlled if it gets to far. the server is mostly about drama and includes daily news, dating and more!
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We're a big chill af, mostly black community that's still growing nitro giveaways 1:1 female:male ratio Funniest Voice chats Make friends right away movie nights games Simple rules youtube podcasts
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Bullies but very lovable.
Community | Entertainment
welcome to Kommunity $ Fye Pfps $ Fye Gifs $ Chill Staff $ Vc’s $ Self Roles $ Semi-Toxic link; https://discord.gg/Rq5vsd4bND banner; https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/772608850880364564/772881703231815730/image0.gif?width=320&height=400