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Community | Entertainment
The official home of Discord Packing. Best events on discord! Daily events, Cash Events, Nitro Events & more!
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Community | Entertainment
The official home of Discord Packing. Best events on discord! Daily events, Cash Events, Nitro Events & more!
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Gaming | Community
Servidor de FiveM Comunidade Portuguesa Staff 100% 24h/7 Melhor Comunidade Portuguesa
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Gaming | Social
this is where i mod accounts and do giveaways it is easy to enter press a few buttons and you could have a lot of free stuff
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Gaming | Community
💎 This is a Server where you can buy Unlock All for PC 💎 ⚠️ Laguage on that Server is English & German ⚠️ 🎮 The service is for the following Games 🎮 ▶️ GTA V ▶️ Red Dead Redemption 2 ▶️ Black Ops 3 ▶️ Cold War (coming Soon) ✉️ Create a Ticket and write there what you want ✉️
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Gaming | Role-Playing
We are a fresh server looking for serious people that enjoy the art of RP, We have lots of fun things to keep entertained for hours from Go kart racing to Moving drugs like the big timers, We offer 200k starting cash to help with you're start. If you would like to work for the government or other various jobs you can find them at the job center, Whitelisted jobs are Police, Sheriff, Ambulance, Mechanic, Car dealer, Real estate, Restaurant, Nightclub, Karting, Casino! Normal jobs are Miner Woodcuter, Delivery (to 3 different cities), Amazon, Airport, Scrap, Garbage, Baker, Juice maker, Taxi, Reporter, Hunting
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Growth | eSports
This server is for all gamers alike to find others who are interested in the same games as them and create long lasting bonds between them. Right now the games included in this server are: League of Legends, Rust, Valorant, PUBG, GTA V, Among Us, Apex Legends, Minecraft, Fortnite, Rocket League, Overwatch, and Dead by Daylight.
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Role-Playing | Entertainment
-Buscamos STAFF, Programadores, Policias, Banda, EMS, Mafias... Servidor de GTA V Roleplay serio. Scripts Propios. Nos caracteriza el Roleplay, rol serio y buen rollo, siempre teniendo en cuenta vuestra opinion. Queremos algo mas que un servidor de Rol, una familia.
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Gaming | Community
- Servidor Organizado. | Canais de Voz Automáticos. - Automação por Bots. | Canais de Texto Automáticos. - Cargos por Reação. | Chats Privados. - Canais de Música. | Cores Personalizadas. - Canal de Comandos. | Canal de Cinema. - Canal de Minijogos. | Tags Personalizadas. - Canal de Memes. | Aniversários. - Canal de Contagem. | Etc.
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Servidor de GTA V RolePlay, 100% Português vem fazer parte desta grande família. Estamos à tua espera!
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Entertainment | Social
CJ comes to chill here. Here we are a very welcoming community: We do pranks We have memes Good Music Taste NSFW Love and Affection Voice channels for talking Don't worry we aren't drug addicts Giveaways everyweek
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You want a cheap Unlock all and with it money an RP come on my Discord and check it out for cheap an fair Unlock all´s
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Role-Playing | Gaming
Azure Roleplay is een Nederlandstalige GTA 5 Voice RP server in ontwikkeling op RAGE Multiplayer, gericht op high-end storytelling roleplay.
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Gaming | Community
A server to chill with people, have a laugh and play games. I'm just trying to create a fun community for people :)
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Social | Community | Anime
24/7 Active voice/text community! 500 emotes. Frequent giveaways. Fun events. Friendly members & fun bots. Chill & laid back. Anime server! Come join the Paradise family!
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Social | Community | Anime
24/7 Active voice/text community! 500 emotes. Frequent giveaways. Fun events. Friendly members & fun bots. Chill & laid back. Anime server! Come join the Paradise family!
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eSports | Programming
2Gl0ck1 is a discord server for my GTA 5 mod menu im also working on other mod menus for gd and rdr2 and more! but none of them is out yet but u can join the server and get notified when it is out!!! come on join in!
Gaming | Entertainment
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Gaming | Role-Playing
We are a growing gaming community. Our goal is to unite gamers together in a safe and fun environment! Come join our Five M server, Elite Gaming RP which is part of Elite Gaming UK. We offer a huge range of add-on vehicles, peds, scripts and active moderation which enhance the roleplay experience for everyone! Moreover, Elite Bot 2.0 is actively being developed to become a public bot in the future with a large feature-set and customisability from users. To add onto that, we offer a wide range of selection between events, giveaways, emotes and much more! Choose Us! Choose Elite Gaming. Find out more: x
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Streaming | Role-Playing
Únete a la mejor comunidad Latam de GTA V ROLEPLAY, interactua con personas de todo el mundo, aquí podrás ser lo que siempre soñaste ser! ¿Que esperas para ser parte de esta familia!?. Ingresa ya a nuestro
Gaming | Role-Playing
Moin, Ihr sucht einen deutschen GTA5 RP Server für WIRKLICH ALLE Plattformen? Dann habt ihr Glück,denn wir sind Daylight GTA5 RP. Ein ganz frischer Server auf diesem Gebiet und suchen aktuell Leute die Bock hätten an einem ernsten,aber trotzdem einsteigerfreundlichen RP teilzunehmen.Doch was sind unsere Vorteile? Wir bieten aktuell 2 Jobs an: Mediziner und Polizei, sowie die Möglichkeit eine EIGENE Firma zu gründen. Außerdem sind wir offen für weitere Jobideen wenn der Server wächst. Wir haben außerdem ein funktionierendes Geldsystem, um für die harte Arbeit am Ende des Tages entlohnt zu werden :). Außerdem gibt es die Möglichkeit, Verbrechen zu begehen, dazu gehören: ATM Raub, Ladenraub, Juwelierraub und Bankraub. Dann haben wir schon für Autos, Motorräder und Waffen. Sowie die Möglichkeit Spieler zu melden, und Support Tickets zu öffnen, oder evtl in einen Sprachchat. Und alles was ihr braucht ist Discord, und ein funktionierendes Mikrofon/Headset. Bald werden auch Mafien kommen.
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Community | Programming
alphaCommunity was born as Hud for all fans, inventors, buyers for the current videogame and technology world. Inside you can find everything you are looking for an appropriate modding for your FiveM server but not only. It is also a hub for streamers from all over the world. Yes, alphaCommunity is not finished yet and branches into: alphaGraphic, alphaStyle, alphaModding; each with an important meaning and usefulness for the community.
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Gaming | Role-Playing
The Sanctuary is a Playstation 4, GTA V Role-play server. We offer a diverse and welcoming community, along with staff team. We are here to allow role-play for a more mature audience. Anything is possible here! And harassment is not welcomed. The Sanctuary is designed to serve as a abode to those who seek a simple and fun RP to escape any IRL misfortunes or stress. In this server, we try to make everything as fun and organized as it can be! Please, invest your time and join The Sanctuary.
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Community | Gaming
Servidor criado para galera que acompanha as lives do Vitinho se encontrarem, conhecer pessoas novas, falar sobre jogos, memes, gifs, posts e muito mais.
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Gaming | Role-Playing
The Coastline Roleplay Community is a roleplay community operating on the FiveM modification framework for GTA V.
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Findet auf unserem Server eine unglaubliche Spielwelt die euch packen und mitreissen wird. Entdeckt einzigartige Features und viele Anpassungsmöglichkeiten in einem aktiven Wirtschaftssystem. In unserer Stadt wird euch nie langweilig werden.
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Gaming | Social
This is a gaming, chilling and also ofcourse socialising with your friends kind of server. This shouldn't be just another gaming related server, this one isn't focused on one topic only. There are events, perks, roles to achieve, lots of bots when you are bored and no toxic people. The server is sfw so you don't need to worry about that, or maybe you need to. Moving on, this are the things we offer: 〢💬 Fun And Active Community 〢👍 100% SFW and Non-Toxic 〢🐸 Daily Dank Memer Giveaways! 〢🎮 Active Gaming Members! 〢👀 Special Events
Gaming | Anime
Newly Created Server 1.Valorant 2.GTA-V 3.FALL GUYS 4.ANIME 5.FUN