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Art | Hobbies
A place for like minded creative people to hang out
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Art | Community
Join Stephen Silver, character designer of Kim Possible and Danny Phantom, and artists from around the world and talk about art, resources, the industry, and anything else pertaining to art!
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Anime | Art
Добро пожаловать на сервер команды one cute. Мы занимаемся переводами манги, артов и иллюстраций, главный критерий — милота.
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Anime | Art
We have multiple channels with interesting topics such as lounge, events, bots, self made bots, illustration channels and advertising channels! We're still new as we only started this server few weeks ago but you can help us to make this server become big!
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Art | Writing
Nous sommes une communauté de partage et surtout d'entraide artistique LGBTQIA+ friendly. Si vous voulez partager votre passion et évoluer avec nous, soyez les bienvenus !
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Community | Art
This is the official coaster crafter Discord server. Here you will find everything related to theme parks and roller coasters. See what's next for your local park or chat about that one particular coaster you've ridden.
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Art | Hobbies
Universal Design is the server for all kinds of Designers to post their work and get feedback on it! We welcome all kinds of designers: - Illustrators - UI/UX Designers - Concept Artists - 3D Artists - Graphic Designers - and More! Come say hi :)
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Art | Community
Art Haven is an artistic marketplace that provides a platform for artists, crafters, and enthusiasts alike to buy and sell creative goods and services. This Discord server is an extension of our art community and is open for anyone to join!* Features: 1) Automatic roles based on your Art Haven account. 2) Fun server-wide events including movie streams, art challenges, and voicechat games. 3) Update channels with content from Art Haven. 4) Off-Topic channels ranging from games to hobbies. 5) Self-promotion channels for your art, crafts, social media, etc. 6) Bot games and activities with designated channels. And lots more! *You must have an account on our community,, to gain full access to our server.
Art | Role-Playing
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Art | Social
A self-improvement focused art discord for all visual mediums. Take part and help us motivate eachother as a collective! Safe For Work, 16+.
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Art | Community
We are a friendly and open minded art server. Please have in mind we only accept 13+ years old, due to the ToS. We accept all types of artist, even if you are a beginner, just be creative and don't steal art nor trace. We hope you can make a lot of art friends here in this boring quarantine time.
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Design | Art
Still Learning is a friendly server focused on art & design; graphic design, web design, illustration, and more. Members are free to share their portfolios + links to social profiles, exchange ideas, submit designs for feedback, share tips & tricks and just hang out and chat. Join us today!
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Art | Streaming
Servidor com objetivo de criar uma comunidade de artistas que se apoiam. Compartilhando as próprias artes e dando feedback na dos outros.
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Art | Social
CG Core is an artist community founded by professional artists working in the movie and game industries but open to anyone to join. We welcome members of any skill level and geographical location. Come share knowledge, talk about 2d, 3d, industry jobs or just hang out.
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Art | Music
Un serveur Discord français pour tous ceux qui aiment créer ! Que vous fassiez de l'art, de la musique, du cinéma ou que vous créiez toute autre sorte de contenu, tous les artistes sont les bienvenus !
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Art | Community
It based on the graphic design and editing community, this server is great for everyone from beginners to professional designers.
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Art | Design
A new global server for artists of all kinds!
Anime | Bot
Support Server for ISHUZOKU bot and WORLD SEEKER bot developed by Johnny Aliases. Join this server for support relating to any bot developed by Johnny Aliases.
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Art | Design
This is a designartist Discord where Graphicdesigner and all the others can get some new inspiration etc. What we offer: - free resources - ticket support - own Desginerrole - friendly community - Musicbot - Giveaways every 50 Members - more is coming soon...