Drawing! Collabs! Networking! Fun! Serious Heartbreaking Critique!
Je vous annonce l'ouverture d'un serveur discord basé sur l'univers des CG ( Computer Graphics) ou Design numériques en francais. Ce serveur a pour objectif de réunir une communauté autour des arts graphiques. Les débutants pourront trouver conseils et aide auprès des vétérans grâce à un système de niveaux. Vous pourrez augmenter en niveaux grâce à une évaluation faite par des juges. Vous pouvez aussi trouver des clients qui ne posteront que des commandes payantes, le gratuit ou < 5€ étant interdit. Pour conclure,CG Circle est un serveur communautaire ou vous trouverez respect, aide, clients, et sujets de conversations diverses et variées Vous pouvez nous rejoindre ici: https://discord.gg/sVh5wGS
Are you a graphic designer? Are you an illustrator? If you're any type of designer this server is for you!
Comic exiles is a server devoted to the creation of all sorts of art like webcomics, illustration, and writing. We also host channels talking about various media topics ranging from cartoons, anime, and more. If you wanna hang with us just come right in.
A place for like minded creative people to hang out
Join Stephen Silver, character designer of Kim Possible and Danny Phantom, and artists from around the world and talk about art, resources, the industry, and anything else pertaining to art!
Le discord Heroes Stuff est le lieu de partage de heroes-stuff.com, fait pour les passionné(e)s et les créatifs de tout type.😊 Ce discord à pour but de parler et partager nos passions communes, autour de l'imaginaire, et de la création. 🧙‍♂️🎨 Vous pouvez commencer par faire un premier coucou et discutez de tout et de rien dans la Taverne, ou retrouvez différent canaux de discussion autours des milieux créatifs, pour y partager vos goûts, vos avis, vos créations, vos conseils.... La bonne humeur et l'entraide 😇
Galaxy is an art server catering to illustrators and alternative content creators!
This is an art server for all artists! Admin: acesart.io#3523 welcome to a friendly art server where there are monthly raffles/contests with prompts! such as desserts, mood boards, draw this in your styles and much more! fun server! with really amazing people! >promote your art accounts >commissions >meet and greet amazing artists >chat with mutuals! >monthly contests and raffles >free art requests >gain more followers and friends!
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✧ 𝕎𝕠𝕞𝕓𝔸𝕣𝕥 ✧ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎨 Communauté artistique conviviale (+260 membres) 💬 Discutez entre passionné·e·s 🖌️ Partagez vos créations et conseils 🌈 Ambiance inclusive et handi-friendly 🎉 Événements réguliers ⚙️ Staff réactif et attentionné 🤖 Bots et rôles en tous genres ... Et plein d'autres choses ! :3 À bientôt, et puisse le vent vous être favorable ! :D
Universal Design is the server for all kinds of Designers to post their work and get feedback on it! We welcome all kinds of designers: - Illustrators - UI/UX Designers - Concept Artists - 3D Artists - Graphic Designers - and More! Come say hi :)
For those who are new to graphic design and want to learn, experienced people to show, talk and sell, or people to buy services.
This is an Art community Server, which you can share your Artwork either would be Digital Arts, Traditional Arts, Drawings, 3D Model, Sculpture, etc. If you are an Artist we recommend you to join the server.
Easel Street was created with the art community in mind. Our purpose is to create a fun, welcoming, social environment for artists of all ages and all skill levels. Share your resources, guides, references, tips, and--of course--your art!
A community that will hopefully help you improve your artistic skills as you get ideas and helpful tips from other users. Any type of artist is allowed; visual, musician, animators, etc. You can also chat with other users!
Talk a lot about nothing at all ─── ・ 。゚☆: ⁺.☽ .⁺ :☆゚. ─── Seconds is a server tailored towards our community, we're a well organised group of creative members such as actors, illustrators, gamers, nerds (so many nerds), and people just wanting to talk about their lives. Seconds' goal is to create a fun, relaxing space for people to chill and express themselves with ease. We look forward to seeing you here! ♥ ✧・゚: ⁺✧・゚:⁺ ─── ⁺:・゚✧⁺:・゚✧ Some Features: ~ Custom bots ~ Movie night events ~ Minimalist design ~ Assignable colour roles ~ Pokécord ~ and more!
Looking for artists who like ruan jia and want to learn from him. I will share ressource and stuff. We can discuss about art and stuff. This server is new.
Art Haven is an artistic marketplace that provides a platform for artists, crafters, and enthusiasts alike to buy and sell creative goods and services. This Discord server is an extension of our art community and is open for anyone to join!* Features: 1) Automatic roles based on your Art Haven account. 2) Fun server-wide events including movie streams, art challenges, and voicechat games. 3) Update channels with content from Art Haven. 4) Off-Topic channels ranging from games to hobbies. 5) Self-promotion channels for your art, crafts, social media, etc. 6) Bot games and activities with designated channels. And lots more! *You must have an account on our community, www.arthaven.co, to gain full access to our server.
A new global server for artists of all kinds!
A self-improvement focused art discord for all visual mediums. Take part and help us motivate eachother as a collective! Safe For Work, 16+.
The official Discord server of r/Design and r/graphic_design! Join a thriving community of professional graphic designers, artists, students and mentors, get feedback and critique on your work, and surround yourself with people just as passionate about design as you!
A small server for creative adults. Come to create, have fun and make friends. We have a strong art focus, but we also have regular chilling and fun events. ~