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هاي-ساب أو الحوار العارم : فريق مترجم حوارت الأنمي إلى العربية . تأسس الفريق في صيف 2016 من قبل المترجم محمد التبر ، ينهج الفريق ترجمة قياسية تنهج معجما بلاغيا يقيس المعنى على الأحداث الخاصة بالأنمي ليالا يفقد أي نوع من الإثارة المحمولة و ليتحقق نوع جديد من المشاهدة يعرف بالمشاهدة "الساحرة" . إختص الفريق بتقرير حوارات مترجمة لعدة من الأغاني التابعة لمختلف الأنميات بل و قرر قصائد غنائية لها طالما تميزت ببلاغة و إبداع لغوي بارز و عارم. محمد التبر (المؤسس) : أدعى محمد مهدي التبر ، مهووس بالتقنية ، خبير بالعالم الإفتراضي نتيجة سنوات من التعلم الذاتي ، إتخذت درب الترجمة منذ سنوات لكن بعدما إقترح علي بعض الأصحاب ترجمة الأنمي ، أردت أن أبدي مهاراتي في ذلك المجال و حنكتي في المعلوميات حققت نقلة نوعية لحوارات الإنمي إلى طور جديد . أفضل أنميات الزمن و سلسلات يو-غي-يو .
A server for Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba fans! Discussion for both manga readers and anime only watchers! Friendly members and staff, as well as people to talk about KnY and other animes as well! Server includes ranking system, selectable roles, and unique server emotes.
We are the official Discord for the r/Nezuko subreddit.
Kimetsu no Yaiba español para fans, Demon Slayer servidor para hacer amigos, OC's de Kimetsu no Yaiba y más
We are a big anime community supporting many shows like Black Clover, My Hero Academia, Promised Neverland, Demon Slayer, Dr. Stone, Fire Force and more. Here you can find fans from every anime and manga genre. 24/7 active General chat, daily new members, events, RolePlay, voice chat, new episodes and chapters and much more. This server literally takes all your time and will never let you go again, enjoy
Welcome to the Demon Slayer or Kimetsu No Yaiba Anime Roleplay! It is an ANIME ONLY roleplay meaning that it is Manga Spoiler Free. If you yourself are a manga reader, you can still join in on the fun. The roleplay story takes place after Season 1, since the season is almost over. So, if there are new characters introduced into the series (dead or alive), they will be added as a character to take the very next day. Since this is a fairly new server, a lot of the characters have not been taken! > We're fairly new not that big of a server, but trust me, we have incredibly friendly members! > Rudeness or any kind of mean act isn't tolerated, so we're non-toxic!
This is a canon-based Haikyuu!! roleplay server that also has a Demon Slayer AU in the works, where our characters will be demons and demon slayers! We're brand new, so bear with us as we grow and reach out! Much love, hope to see y'all soon <3
`We are a big, free server, filled with passionate fans of the hit series, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Both Anime and Manga fans are welcome to join! Though we mostly have JoJo fans, you're also free to talk about other anime series such as One piece, Demon Slayer, and My Hero Academia, as well as manga series like One Punch Man and Berserk! Some of the things you will find in this server are: ⦿ RANKED/SPECIAL ROLES (WITH TONS OF ADDITIONAL PERKS) ★ ⦿ 20+ BOTS TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS (Mee6, Nadeko, Rhythm, Paisley Park) ★ ⦿ CHANNELS FOR ALL YOUR INTERESTS (E.G: ANIME, GAMING, ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY) ★ ⦿ 50+ EMOTES (INCLUDING ANIMATED EMOTES) ★ ⦿ WELCOMING MEMBERS ★ ⦿ FRIENDLY AND NUMEROUS STAFF ★ ⦿ CONTESTS AND EVENTS ★ Have fun, be nice, and you'll enjoy your stay!
A server solely for those looking for demon slayer emotes to use on other servers.
Welcome! This is a Demon Slayer RP set after the events that take place within Demon Slayer! Hope you enjoy!
Welcome to Demon Slayer: Revenant, a player driven Kimetsu no Yaiba roleplay. Over here, we’re very new and looking to expand, so why don’t you stop by? -❗️Player driven story -❗️Ever changing story impacted by YOU! -❗️Ranking and tier system to progress through as your character strengthens! -❗️Both Demon and Demon Slayer sides, with conflict!
Welcome to Selection Academy! This AU centers around the world of Kimetsu no Yaiba... if they all were in university. Students no longer fight demons, as they don't exist in this AU. All the demon characters within KNY are playable within this AU.
151+ Custom Kimetsu no Yaiba emotes for Nitro users to use and enjoy! (ㆁᴗㆁ✿) About Our Emotes: — 135 Static — 16 Animated — Anime-Style