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Chill staff, active community, unique role system, LOTS of emotes, events and tourneys, and all of your favorite bots. The Demon Slayer Corps is a vast anime based community that is not only limited to Kimetsu no Yaiba. Having a chill and friendly vibe is what we do best- no matter what race, gender, etc... We frequently host exciting events and tourneys, and are open to feedback and suggestions. Be welcomed into The Demon Slayer Corps today!
Anime | Role-Playing
This is a canon-based Haikyuu!! roleplay server that also has a Demon Slayer AU in the works, where our characters will be demons and demon slayers! We're brand new, so bear with us as we grow and reach out! Much love, hope to see y'all soon <3
Anime | Role-Playing
Welcome! This is a Demon Slayer RP set after the events that take place within Demon Slayer! Hope you enjoy!
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little server for tiny baby ant fellas