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Chill staff, active community, unique role system, LOTS of emotes, events and tourneys, and all of your favorite bots. The Demon Slayer Corps is a vast anime based community that is not only limited to Kimetsu no Yaiba. Having a chill and friendly vibe is what we do best- no matter what race, gender, etc... We frequently host exciting events and tourneys, and are open to feedback and suggestions. Be welcomed into The Demon Slayer Corps today!
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Welcome! This is a Demon Slayer RP set after the events that take place within Demon Slayer! Hope you enjoy!
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After Aoba Hashibira discovered the Blue Spider Lily, he was fired because he accidentally let them wilt. The next year, Aoba's research team retrieved the lilies and began experimenting. After 5 years, in 2026, they had developed a "cure" for an illness that was relatively unknown, but caused the
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。゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。 𝐊 𝐈 𝐌 𝐄 𝐓 𝐒 𝐔  ゚・。・゚ ⌗ ◟ꗃ 🦋 animanga, art, gaming ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ ⨯ 🍵﹕demon slayer theme × 💧﹕simple aesthetic layout ⨯ 🏹﹕frequent events + gws × 🌿﹕friendly members + staff ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・
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🍙 ・ a demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba anime fanserver! join us, if you'd like!