Anime | Role-Playing
This is a new rp server that has magic and technology. We have lots of fun bots, rp channels, and 5 kingdoms to choose from. Vestroia - a nonadvanced kingdom that has magic. Sol - an advanced kingdom that was magic Shizen - A non advanced kingdom that has magic and was made in nature Kōri - A non advanced kingdom that has magic and was made at icy areas Noir - An evil, non advanced kingdom that magic and is does not use it for good. We hope you have a great stay.
Role-Playing | Political
It’s a fantasy, medieval nation roleplay.
Role-Playing | Community
"Courting the Night" is a casual medieval+ era supernatural/fantasy RP server revolving around magical and mortal conflict. Create your own interesting twists on creatures such as shifters, sirens, nymphs, and more. Characters may travel through various locations, ranging from conservative, magic-hating towns to bustling vampiric cities. No confusing mechanics, simple character templates, and friendly community! Looking for literate, friendly RPers. This server is 18+ due to written descriptions of violence, death, and more, but isn't a ERP-focused or Sexually NSFW server.