No rules, come shitpost, meme, or game.
No rules, come shitpost, meme, or game.
Discord oficial de la Federación Oficial de Retrasados / Latino / English / Spanish
This is the discord for JapaneseBushBaby's community.
Gosei eSports is a grassroots organization designed to enable and form teams for League of Legends competitive play by providing resources including but not limited to Coaching, registration information for some of the more prestigious Leagues/Tournaments, and a global community to discuss the meta, strategies, and all things League of Legends across all regions.
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A hub to receive live updates for your favorite games
Herkese açık bir klan discordu
- - - - | General Community Server | - - - - - | Gaming / Science / Politics / Memes | - We promote freedom of speech, freedom of ideas and critical thinking. Stay calm, stay friendly and learn from each other ;) - Twitch Emotes - Public/Private Music Bots - Customizable Chat Channels - RPG Battle System (MiniGame) - Fun Commands & Rankings - Currency & Rewards! We look forward to welcoming you to Arkhos Current User Base: 700+
Hewwo! Our server is brand new and looking for nice people who would enjoy a fun judgement free space to hangout and make new friends :3 We're new and could use some new people to help figure out what direction the server will go in and the future!
★80+ colour roles to choose from upon joining ★Unique aesthetics and theme ★A variety of events and frequent giveaways ★All necessary bots+custom bot ★Currency system ★Experienced and dedicated staff ★Simple rules with a chill chat ━━━━━━━━━━ Welcome to Teen Spirit a community and social server created by close friends who are experienced at running a high capacity Discord server, currently at 7k members. ━━━━━━━━━━ Join us and follow the journey of our growing server!
★80+ colour roles to choose from upon joining ★Unique aesthetics and theme ★A variety of events and frequent giveaways ★All necessary bots+custom bot ★Currency system ★Experienced and dedicated staff ★Simple rules with a chill chat ━━━━━━━━━━ Welcome to Teen Spirit a community and social server created by close friends who are experienced at running a high capacity Discord server, currently at 7k members. ━━━━━━━━━━ Join us and follow the journey of our growing server!
Servidor focado em League of Legends.
Looking for some cool people to play League and Overwatch with. Obviously play other games too.
ROTMG Therealfriend Discord
LeagueConnect is a gathering place for people who love League of Legends, a place where you can make friends, find people to play with, or talk about the game.
My name is Benjy and some know me as the owner of this server, I recently made a completly new gaming server where we do events on games. There is no requirement of skill or anything like that! So just join than! So what is stopping you from joining the Competetive community!
Server on games, songs and memes.
Bunch of L9 fanboys and sexy eGirls looking for duos to funnel with on all servers. We have role managing bot and free custom tags. We indeed have real L9 members but also many people would be willing to help you out including a wonderful mod team. The server also involves discussions about the respected ardent and carry roles. If you would like to get high elo or you would like to check out funneling make sure you visit our discord server!
Official AFK GAMING Discord Server This is for all kind of gaming related stuff, so if you love to game you have found the place!
Servidor do criador de conteudo "Deoxu", encontre players de diversos jogos para se divertir, converse com outras pessoas no chat e faça novos amigos!
NA (NORTH AMERICAN) League of Legends wholesome and fun server! The Cub Club is a community-centered server with members who always try to keep the vibe positive. The point of a server is to meet people, and interact with them, and this is exactly the type of place to do that, with a smaller (but growing!) community, you’ll always be sure you’re heard and can easily find someone you enjoy talking and playing with. We are trying to grow a loving home for people all around the world, and as such, we are always trying to improve the server and community in any way shape or form. We are proud to present our approachable, hospitable, and outgoing atmosphere, with our more than affectionate community. From the staff that keeps the server free from toxicity, to the people that make the server so amazing to be a part of, we would love to welcome you to be a part of it! 🎮 Games: League of Legends (main) / Apex Legends / Osu! / Overwatch / Maplestory 2
Auto Chess Legends is a strategy mixed with chess game that emphasises fast and fluid gameplay. How you play your pieces matters far more than how fast you can tap! FEATURES • Real-time fast-paced mini-tournament battles against players from across the world • Fight across an 8x8 field mimicking a chessboard using familiar heroes as your game pieces • Combine pieces for different synergies and tactics with 56+ legendary heroes • Less twitch-heavy gameplay, more strategy and nuance: Pieces fight automatically, but where you place them and who you place determines victory. • Unlock and collect new, powerful Kings, each with a signature attack and SUPER ability • Epic updates & Events every week. Auto Chess Legends is always expanding • Climb to the top of the leaderboards in global and local rankings • Auto Chess Legends is easy to learn, fast to play, difficult to master
Lasst uns gemeinsam zocken, labern und sonst was. Der Server ist für alle offen. Kommt und spielt.
Servidor criado para: - Facilitar o contato entre times, para marcar jogos treino; - Fornecer informações sobre os campeonatos disponíveis apoiados pela RIOT; - Fornecer informações sobre as ligas profissionais.
Salut , moi c'est Link0974 , mais on m'appelle Link ! J'ai créé ce serveur afin de réunir ma communauté Twitch , jouer ensemble et se parler. J'ai pas grand chose a dire a part vous inviter a venir vous amuser avec nous ! c;
Este es un server de un clan paraguayo de videojuegos llamado Twisted Bloom, entre los juegos se encuentran: Free Fire, CS:GO y LoL, si buscas una comunidad de videojuegos, únete ya!
I'm a 30 year old guy, that is very competitive when it comes to Competitions in Video games. looking to build a chill and mature community.
A discord server with 1 text channel 499 voice channels and no rules.
Join Nonolive's server where small streamers gather to talk and gain the opportunity to make money from their stream! Join for more info!
Discord oficialmente Griposo
oob Squad is a small, friendly, active server looking for new friends and teammates. We aim to build a vibrant community of all noobs alike! Whether you are an Xbox gamer, PC gamer, mobile gamer(?), you are welcome to join us. We plan to start hosting local events for server members and hopefully building it into a Noob Squad team! All are welcome to participate. Events are most likely to be PC side. Other things we offer: - Little to no moderation - Moderated as necessary - Server emotes (custom server emotes soon™) - Custom patch-notes - Integrated Youtube posts - Currently League of Legends Skin Spotlights - Any others can be requested and will be fulfilled, as appropriate - Weeb chats - Lewd chats - Memes - Music bots - Misc bots - Custom roles - Level ranks - Streaming advertisements - Can be automated upon request, or post custom ads yourself
Wanna talk with fun people? Wanna talk about anime? Want new friends who will support you on anything you do? Want cute girls? We play games we watch anime we have fun and we are supportive! Much love on the discord!
The Safe House is a gaming community based server inviting anyone and everyone interested in meeting new people, making friends, and playing video games. Our goal as a community is to bring together all kinds of people to make new friends, so invite all your friends and enjoy your stay!
Somos una comunidad de habla hispana de League of Legends EUW. Aquí podrás conocer nuevas personas que jueguen a League of Legends, jugar junto a ellos ¡o incluso hacer vuestro propio equipo! Cualquier duda que tengas recurre a #💠reglas_del_servidor📜 o háznoslo saber en #💠sugerencias🛠 . IMPORTANTE: No tendrás acceso al servidor hasta que sigas los pasos dados en la sala #💠ficha_de_lol . GLHF!
Hello, We are a discord community based around our high diamond League of Legends team! Join if you are looking for LoL friends to chat with, play with or even simpler to meet and befriend! Our active roster are constantly online and always happy to help coach or give tips on how to climb to ranked ladder or more simply to improve!
Server que começou a pouco tempo mas ja vem com tudo🌻 sem muitas frescuras apenas entre faça amizades e se divirta.
TDC , is a friendly League of Legends community. We are trying to make a healthy community for league of legends help players and get help ^^ . Server Website :