A school themed server. We offer you a very funny and friendly members. Join if you wanna talk with us!
Advertise your media, unlock special rewards, build a profile with custom ranks, get rewards for boosting, and fun entertainment channels!
Hello there! Come join Cool Kids Club! Here you can chat with other cool members and make new friends or goof off with some memes with the friends you made. You Can: - 🤖 Play around with our Cool Bots! 🤖 - 🎵 Listen to Music! 🎵 - 🎨 Share your amazing art! 🎨 - 😎 Chat with cool people! 😎 - 🆙 Challenge your friends with our leveling system! 🆙 - 💰 Earn money with our economy system! 💰 - 😃 Use our custom emojis! 😃 - 🤝 Partner with us! 🤝 - 🌟 And Much More! 🌟
Candy Land is a public discord server where you can make friends and meet new people! What We Have In Here: · Caring Staff · Amari Bot Leveling System · Kind And Welcoming Members And Staff · Self Roles · Verification · Partnerships · Giveaways · Free Candy · Events! · Giveaways · Advertising Channel · LGBTQ+ Friendly And More
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