Art | Programming
We're a fun giveaway and more discord server!
Entertainment | Gaming
simple server to talk and chill with people, listen to music, etc. 13+
LGBT | Music
Anime | Role-Playing
Hello! I need your help to get my discord server up and running! FEATURES: * Chats so my discord isn't so useless * Organized system So yeah the server isn't much but it does have a nice community! That is 2 people at the moment though. And that's why I need all of you!
Entertainment | Social
Cloutcord is a meme based server, for memeing, gaming and socializing. We don't have any rules just follow discord TOS. We're a fast growing server with a lot to offer. Custom role at level 20 and we are also looking for staff.
Gaming | Meme
The offical Discord server for the Draconic Army! Come check us out!
Role-Playing | Writing
An RPG server with a fantasy lore
Gaming | Meme
Really hoping to grow! If we grow I’ll do giveaways and a lot of more, we need to grow for them though! Hype. Mido#0001
Gaming | Anime
Welcome to our Server where we are happy to take in anyone that joins our server. Our server will be available to everyone from playing valorant to people that just wanna chill and chat. Our server holds everyone to such high standards and respectfulness. You can add whatever memes you want in the respected category send links to streams videos etc.
Community | Entertainment
"ghang shit" is a community server, where anyone can communicate with people all around the world. A place to relax, meet new people, forge friendship, and share interest. The theme around "ghang shit" is the introductions of Gangs
Anime | Community
Now open for anyone to join! ˎ Active VC Laid Back Staff New and Fresh Server Supportive and friendly members The point of the server is to let people be themselves without as many strict rules as other servers, we still do not allow toxicity/raiding and aim to make a close community where you can let all your edgy jokes out
its lit
YouTuber | Community
This server is for anyone from gaming to YouTube and streaming and to chill I do giveaways monthly we need more people and we are organized so please come join chat have fun be you invite friends
Community | Gaming
A nice and cozy place for people to have fun and play games together. This is a community server so you will not get bullied for anything.
A more laid back literate RP for people with busy offline lives. Enjoy our few-posts-a-day, plot focused mixed-genre village setting.