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Hey there, This is Mahālaya 3ix, a server for people of all walks of life to discuss spirituality, magick, metaphysics, and any other tangential topics. Our goal is to make you feel at home, as well as providing a place to study and share resources. We can also provide you a place to link your shop/YouTube channel/etc. if you have one. Please keep in mind that this is an LGBTQIA and plural-friendly environment before you consider joining. We look forward to seeing you. Lots of love, Kaiko
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The CTMU answers the long-standing questions of Free Will, Good and Evil, Consciousness, and God.
Community | Education
The Union is a server intended for good intellectual discussion centered around philosophy. We don't police topics and try to foster a somewhat serious atmosphere. Please read #information when you first join to get an idea of how the community works.
Community | Beliefs
A comfy server dedicated to furthering esoteric knowledge and practice of magic in all of its forms. This server is composed of chill occultists and celebrates diversity, cooperation and empathy among members. Bigotry and hate speech are not tolerated.