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Welcome to Two Steps from Hell Official Modpack Server Join us for Halloween as we will join together to make this newer Minecraft Server come alive thanks and please support us we enjoy the community alot .
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Popcorn Kraft is a server for a Minecraft Modpack Community. It's full of friendly, supportive, and loving individuals. The modpack is custom made by ourselves in order to provide a unique experience. Join our discord server and come chat with us, we would love to have you.
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discord for a Minecraft mod pack which aims to add horror into Minecraft, rushing to bed in time is now scary thanks to this mod pack.
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FYI:The modpack associated with this server needs at least 6gb of ram allocated to run the latest updates. Don't complain about out of memory errors in the discord If your computer can't handle it. Enter the ROC Framework where the old reality you used to know ceases to be on the other side. There are millions of hours of content waiting for you here. While on this modpack you can: Build a security craft base to protect from mobs and use Open modular defense to protect the outside, all while watching it happen from your secure base via the security cameras outside. Build a fusion reactor and keep it from exploding via nuclearcraft Travel the depths of Lovecraftian lore via abyssalcraft(Phoenix Corps suggests not making a hardcore world because of said mod) if you wish you can also join our Official server via the included IP and have even more fun with mods like ICBM or Academycraft. We also are the first server to have Mahou Tsukai So what are you waiting for? Join us today!
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Official discord server for Project BUILD Minecraft modpack. Minecraft server coming soon.
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A fun Minecraft server centered around a modpack that has a mystical alignment of additions.