Technology | Military
Sci fi rp server that's open to new ideas. We're welcoming to all, so don't be shy, I don't bite.
Community | Entertainment
We're a chill server with not harsh rules, so feel free to join!
Meme | Anime
Memes, Cats, Games and Talks
Anime | Gaming
The Neko Family. Is one of the oldest Neko servers on Discord. This is a place for people who love Anime, Gaming, Art, Roleplaying and more
Art | Anime
The DisCat Server 🌺is a small SFW active server to hangout and have fun in. Server has many Nekos and catgirls!!! We also love meeting new wholesome peeps! We have many cool channels to talk in, and artists or people with ocs are more than welcome to join!! Thanks and have a good time meow uvu