The goal of my server is for socially inept weirdos to escape their comfort zones and chat/make friends with other socially inept weirdos.
LGBT Friendly 🐾 Events and eventual Giveaways! 🐾 Movie Nights! 🐾 Roleplay! 🐾 NSFW Channels (NSFW RP, ID Required to gain access 🐾 Art and Comission Channels! 🐾 Gaming Channels! 🐾 Photography Channels! 🐾 Meme Channels! 🐾 Active Staff!
um servidor pra zuar e fazer amigos
We have hentai what more could you ask for
Come and let's have some fun, All is welcome you can chat about anime, hentai, video games, music and much more with awesome people from all over the world.
A community around public lewd avatars for VRChat
Games, voice channels, bots, memes, nsfw, staff, fun
Succulent is an 18+ adult community, actively seeking friendly members who would like to be part of an amazing community. Our goal is to create a place for you and your friends to feel comfortable and safe. As we are a newer server there are still things being implemented and added on to the server. We appreciate any server feedback and welcome any constructive criticism. Invite your friends and enjoy the succ.
A friendly community, we have awesome conversations and chats for Music Producers, memes, anime, gaming, radio 27/4, JUST JOIN US! :D (and we also have NFSW chat ;x)
This is a NFSW&SFW server,which is rapidly growing with many features such as selfie dump,and dating channels,and rp channels,,so, don't think twice,jump right in!
This server has 2 sides the surface side and the dark side The surface side is a fun side to hang out with find friends and chill together play games and more. And the dark side is really deep things from the dark web that is focused about disturbing content - Gore, Animal abuse, Human torture , and more And if you find this server disgusting or disturbing or you just do not like it please do not report it just ignore it or leave. A server meant for the strong and for the ones who would like to have a better understanding of what is going on with our world today, welcome to Surrealism. This is a 18+ server so I advice you to think twice before you witness the things that are inside this server. Other than that, welcome.
This server is like a planet: All forms of entertainment are available, there is a general zone to talk about world stuff, and you can diversify into different sections as per your own interests! It's a mini world packed into a small server!
Giveaways, learn new stuff, funny stuff. A place to meet new people and gave fun gameing.
A limitless roleplay where your imagination is allowed to run wild and free.