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Gaming | Community
This is a new server for all Pinoy Gamers, Clans, and Groups around the world where you can stay make friends and have fun. We are looking for members who can also contribute to its growth. We hope that you can visit our server. see ya! CSGO / Valorant / Philippines / PH / North America / NA
The Archer Sucks Icon
Gaming | Hobbies
The Archer Sucks! This server is a War Thunder group, if you play WarThunder or similar games then come have a fun time! we also host warthunder games
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eSports | Community
Fortnite North America is a community for Fornite players to play and compete with each other!
Gaming is Living Icon
Gaming | Community
Based around Rainbow 6 Siege. No age requirement. Maturity is key.
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Gaming | Community
North American Gaming is a community for gamers wanting to make new friends, talk about your interests and genuinely have a good time. We hope you join and have fun.
jj’s house of cards Icon
Social | Anime
jj’s house of cards is a chaotic yet fun server focused on building a safe community filled with lots of new people and easily make new friends. This is not an anime only server but there are definitely a lot of people who like anime and similar things. Even if you aren’t a weeb you’re still welcomed😼