Gaming | Hobbies
The Archer Sucks! This server is a War Thunder group, if you play WarThunder or similar games then come have a fun time! we also host warthunder games
eSports | Community
Fortnite North America is a community for Fornite players to play and compete with each other!
Gaming | Community
Based around Rainbow 6 Siege. No age requirement. Maturity is key.
Gaming | Community
Hello and welcome to the Tarkov Stomping Grounds. As you could guess this is a server primarily focused around EFT. You can find players, post videos, pictures and more here! This is primarily a NA discord server. We are an open community and anyone of all ages/gender can join.
Gaming | Social
Welcome to League of Wahmen!! ~Girls Only~ Movie Nights, Hangouts, gaming & More! We are an ALL GIRLS community who all mainly play games. This is a place where you can chat, make friends, and have people to play games with! You can send memes, animals pics, selfies, listen to music, watch movies, play games all to your hearts content. Don't be shy, we're very nice and welcoming here. All we wanna do is play games, after all! No Males/Guys/Boys!!!!!