Gaming | Social
Hi! Welcome to Temmies Hangout! Everything you can do in this server: -Chat with People -Enter Giveaways -Talk about gaming And Much More! Come Join us at Temmies Hangout. We will be seeing you, Temmie
Programming | Gaming
🤖 Developer Cube 🤖 Come join us and experience the server with the rest of the members and staff to communicate and talk about everyday things Interested in learning how to develop? You have came to the right place. We offer free services for anyone and teach them how to develop bots in short and simple steps. Join us and try it out. What we have to offer? 💎Free services for members to learn how to develop discord bots and etc. 💠Partnerships available to anyone if interested 💎Gaming channels where all Gamers can come together to play different games with other members. 💠Social media including YouTube for tutorials for the rest of the community to watch and experience. 💎Website where people can learn more about us and what we can provide for members. 💠 Paid services including bot developing and banner designs made with a reasonable price 💎Voice channels for members to communicate in a better and faster way 💠Chance to become staff to help and moderate the server.
Furry | LGBT
Furry Community and LGBTQ+ welcoming.