Once Hangout is a family friendly discord for once. You can chat with other people, keep updated on kpop social media, roleplay and more!
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ONCE Unite! is a Discord server for all ONCEs (it could also be different fandoms, we don't mind) to hangout & chat.
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This Server is created for the purpose of gathering ONCEs around the globe! giving them the opportunity to meet and interact with each other, have fun, and just chill! Join Once Twice Unit!
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InDo: Halo Once! Selamat datang di 원스 INDONESIA🍭🇮🇩. Kami adalah ONCE, kita sebagai ONCE Harus tetap solid dan mendukung TWICE, No Salpak, No War, Jangan Ngomong Toxic(dikit dikit boleh lah :V) Join yaaa, Sekian English: Hello Once! Welcome to 원스 INDONESIA🍭🇮🇩. We are ONCE, We as once must always stay solid and always support TWICE, No Salpak, No War, Don't Say Too much bad words, C'mon Join Us
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A server where you can get content from your favorite twice member.
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Salut à tous, voici mon Discord twice français venez ça si vous avez envie de discuter entre onces!!
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╰─➤ ☽༓☾ 𝘈𝘉𝘖𝘜𝘛 𝘜𝘚 │ ↬ ::✎ Brand New K-pop Server │ ↬ ::✎ Safe and friendly community! │ ↬ ::✎ Staff needed │ ↬ ::✎ For all ages │ ↬ ::✎ Active Members ╭────────────── ╰─➤ ☽༓☾ 𝘞𝘏𝘈𝘛 𝘞𝘌 𝘖𝘍𝘍𝘌𝘙 │ ↬ ::✎ A fun and lively server │ ↬ ::✎ FREE self-promo │ ↬ ::✎ A lots of games │ ↬ ::✎ More fun to come! ╭────────────── ╰─➤ 𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙞𝙣𝙛𝙤 owner: moreugesso#2192
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a sfw discord server based around the girl group twice under jyp entertainment. we have many bots and roles to choose from!
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K-Pop girl group (TWICE) based server, for their fans (ONCEs). Meet new friends that are also ONCEs, get active updates on TWICE, and mostly have fun.
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Just like some of your moderately kind of small Twice Server but has some uniqueness most don’t have.
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A new growing community server for the fans (onces) of the Kpop girl group TWICE.