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Welcome to 𝓐𝓷𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓒𝓪𝓯𝓮 ~! The best discord server for people that love anime and games ! Our server has nice people you could play games with, such as : League , Valorant , Terraria , Fortnite etc. Along with one of the warmest communities on all of Discord !
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A fantasy roleplay server with races of all kinds meeting in a colliding roleplay world. A friendly server looking for new friends to improve the roleplay we have. We are open to new idea and realms, races , and classes to interact with. We can't wait to meet new friends!
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➼ Welcome to Nectar's Café 🧡 Grab some tea and relax! ♡ »»-———--———--———--———- 🧡 -———--———--———--———-«« We offer: ╮ ʚ・a custom bot ┊ ʚ・partnerships ┊ ʚ・among us events ┊ ʚ・ clubs, gaming & anime channels ┊ ʚ・complete SFW ┊ ʚ・invite rewards ┊ ʚ・reaction roles ┊ ʚ・staff applications ┊ ʚ・a very honest and open community ╯ ʚ・level system with great rewards »»-———--———--———--———- 🧡  -———--———--———--———-«« We accept: ╮ ʚ・LBGTQ+ ┊ ʚ・Introverts ┊ ʚ・*Anime Fans ╯ ʚ・and basically everyone! »»-———--———--———--———- 🧡 -———--———--———--———-«« Doesn't seem appealing enough? Check it out for yourself and help us make it more appealing!
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**Welcome to Vibe Realm:** **We are a community-owned server!** -We are dedicated to helping you -Youtuber perks for people with 1k+ subs (new role and we promote your videos) -A mentoring category where we can teach you how to make your server better -Chill and sfw community -Ub and level perks -Self-Advertising channel -Fun & Exclusive game nights -Invite Rewards -Exclusive partnership program -Active Owner -Giveaways -**M**eme **O**f **T**he **D**ay channel (follow it to get daily memes) **HIRING HELPERS SO IF ANYONE WANTS TO HELP PLEASE JOIN**
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a fun sfw aesthetic server with welcoming members. we offer partnerships and other cool things. <33 we are very interactive as well. we would love for you to stop in and say hello.
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=> **Chloe's Partnerships** <= ✨ Looking for partnerships? Well, you have come to the right place! Whether is struggling to find partners and want a place dedicated to finding partners. Come join, where you can find many servers to partner with. (Hub for partnerships) ✅ Partner Hub- for Partner Managers! (PM Portal) Ranging from less than 100 members to 5000+ servers. Or in general, if looking to join new servers, feel free to join and check out a range of servers to choose from.
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Advertise any time of the day