Pokemon, Furry, Avian Roleplay ✤ Art Gallery ✤ Character Bios ✤ Philosophy ✤ Be Hypnotized!!
Welcome to the world of pokemon! This is a brand new server with a brand new story that will be changed and written by the members of the server! We have: Custom roles! Tons of roleplay locations with new dungeons to explore and discover! Pokecord Channel! Tons of bots and bot channels! Image and meme sharing channels! Bio templates for easy bio making! TONS of help channels to get you assistance when you need! OOC Chats! This server is BRAND NEW, I hope to grow this server, please join and bring your friends! Staff needed! Apply today! https://discord.gg/Vecsz5X
【 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Sangria 】 PMD: Sangria is a PMD roleplay server, come on in and enjoy the fun, we have events with holidays and expeditions! 【 Server Rules 】 » Absolutely no NSFW topics within any of the chats in this server you will be removed » Listen to the server owner (myself) and the moderators. What they say goes, and who ever argues or decides not to listen will be removed without a second thought. » This server is a friendly community, if I find that you are being discriminatory or if you are bullying you will be removed without a second thought. » you must be 14 or older to be in this server. I know some will lie about their age, but please be honest. Eventually we will find out and you will be removed if you are younger. ▬▬ι══════════════ι▬▬
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