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Sin administración de usuarios (NoUserAdmin). Para tratar cualquier tema, es indispensable en una cuenta de discord con tu gente, también se puede usar para el debate y temas políticos, cuenta con canales de muchos tipos.
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- Hey, hi - Do you like Mapping and do you like United Nation, World news :united_nations: ? - Come to our server and see everythings what do you want, my server is about Mapping , World news , History and Gaming - This is our server's link : - We have lots of cool, nice and professional moderators - Our server is very big , nice and modern - If you see some mistakes about our server , pls comment and we will learn from experience - Disclamer : Read rules and annoucement first pls because if you do some bad things , you will be warn , mute or ban - ANYWAYS , WELCOME NEW MEMBER - OUR NEW FRIEND :)
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🏕 THE POLITICAL CAMP |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| ➡ Politics orientated server, currently accepting all political enthusiasts! Why should you join our server? ➡ Active community and staff ➡ Question of the Day with dedicated channel ➡ Frequent events and activity nights ➡ Political debates and polls ➡ and much, much more. Join today and talk about your ideals / policies today! Some of the stuff you'll experience at our server : Freedom to express your opinions Unbiased staff Thriving voice-chat usage to meet new people Frequent gaming nights and our very own Minecraft server View-shared movie nights Friendly and very active staff Like what you see? Join today by clicking on the link below and join the fastest growing politics, history and ideology server on Discord!
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Thaqalayn (Yes, it has been taken down 5 times, but by the name of Rafed. lul) - Is a wonderful Islamic server. Non-Muslims are obviously allowed in, and they too can have their opinions expressed. - Sidenote: This is also a Twelver Shia server Did I say we have more than 530+ members?