Dedicated to talking about the ideas and values of anyone on the left wing and progressive side of the political spectrum. As well as sending memes and having general chat about anything. We also allow people from the center and right side of the political spectrum to join!
Political Discussion is a tight-knit community for discussing politics, philosophy, history, etc. Anyone (not breaking TOS of course) is allowed here and we value everyone's input. Some server features include: → Several self-assignable roles covering all political spectrums (socialist, capitalist, etc). → Options to debate political issues in both open voice and text chats → Weekly community competitions with FREE NITRO PRIZES → An open and free-speech environment. NO OVER-MODDING. We don't take action unless we absolutely have to. → A server suggestion's tab so everyone has their input. Again, we really value community and overall server satisfaction. Please Note: PD was originally a very large political server that was recently removed by the original owner. The server itself was reinstated 11/29/19. We are therefore trying REALLY hard to regrow our base. Just check us out today to learn what we're all about.