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Gaming | Community | Crypto
💵 Free-to-Enter Cash Prize Poker💰The Most Innovative Gambling Community💵 Giveaways 🎰Gambling Streams ⚔️Exclusive Games 🤖Custom Bot 👑Ranks 🚑General Degeneracy📱 Exclusive App in Development 🌐Dedicated Website Coming Soon
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Community | Music
Local music artists, songwriters and their most ardent fans are invited to join Socially Driven Music and be connected with each other and social good causes they are equally passionate about. We connect artists, songwriters, fans and causes and create communities to enable working together for reciprocal benefit. Music creators will discover new opportunities to expand their fan bases and impact social good.
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Community | Political
Better Future Program, Inc. (BFP) is a 501(c)(3) youth-run nonprofit headquarter in New Orleans, Louisiana, indigenously known as Bulbancha on Chahta Yakni and Chitimacha land. Our mission is to globally expand peer-led political education, support, and imagination for marginalized youth. Whether you're a volunteer or a visitor, join our server today to interact with youth activist from around the globe!
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LGBT | Community
A server primarily dedicated to transgender individuals, but is also for all other LGBT people and their allies to get together and talk about their experiences, family of LGBT people are encouraged to take part to seek advice on how to be supportive of their LGBT relatives.
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Community | Political
StopACTA2 is the Discord server for resistance against internet censorship and the new EU copyright directive that we call ACTA2. We are activists for a free and open internet, and we unite together to fight back for our freedom online. Please join us if you like freedom of information, memes, education and more..
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Community | Political
Anarchist, Communist, Leftist, Antifa, Anti-Fascist, BLM, Activism.
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Community | Crypto
This server is for friends and investors of the UnitedNonComNFT Initiative. This NFT collection of 10 thousand global tyranny fighting, freedom lovin’ activists explodes on Opensea on 5th November. The community drives this project and allocates the Freedom Fund on consensus to worthy causes. Let’s create a supportive, creative community together that is welcoming, constructive, open and respectful to different ideas and ideologies, while not forgetting to have fun and laugh in the face of tyranny.
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Music | Community
Socially Driven Music is a community of artists, songwriters, fans and causes that closely interact to bring tangible purpose to music and social good for mutual benefit.
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Community | YouTuber
We are, first and foremost, an animal-rights/vegan focused server that also values free speech/debate Resources for both propositional logic & vegan animal rights activism are available. Information on a myriad of topics including self defense, true crime, & Compulsive-Addictive Sexual Behaviour Disorder is also available All diet & lifestyles welcome as long as you abide by the rules! (: We strongly value logic, philosophy, and critical thinking here We believe that an important part of free speech is striving to come out better for all parties in the end, even with stark disparities of opinion If the above paragraph doesnt describe your views, then you won't last long here -may as well leave now On the other hand, if you value and respect free speech as defined above, welcome to the server! v(^-^)/ We'd love to connect & hopefully exchange ideas & uplift each other in one manner or another Thanks for your time & consideration. Wishing you the very best!
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Political | Beliefs
Primarily a lib-unity, anarchist-heavy community of activists seeking to learn about, teach about, and otherwise advocate for living freer lives. It takes all sorts, though, so whether you're economically right or left, whether you're trad or prog, or anything else you're welcome here. That's right, whether you're a seasoned free-living anarchist, a mildly statist minarchist of some sort, already liberty curious, or just a poor stray normie that has no idea what's going on... You're welcome to enter this tulgy wood. Sit a spell with us. Stay if you like. We're always looking for new free folk to walk this path to freer lives and, literal or figuratively, we're all mad here~ Newly revamped!!! Curious Oyster Book Club~ We Have Our Very Own Cult!! Nomad Spaces Youth Liberation Spaces Artist Spaces Content Creators WELCOME Pagan Spaces & Christian/Atheist Friendly LGBTQ/GRSM Spaces Advanced & beginner friendly~ Not a debate/mock politics server!!!
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Community | Education
(english version below 🇬🇧) Unser Server basiert auf demokratischen Grundprinzipien und ist eine von der Gemeinschaft betriebene Plattform, die Inklusivität, offenen Dialog und Entscheidungsfindung durch einen demokratischen Prozess fördert. Er dient als virtueller Raum für Veganer und an Veganismus Interessierte, um sich zu vernetzen, Ideen auszutauschen und sich gegenseitig auf ihrem Weg zu unterstützen. Der Server ist so strukturiert, dass sich die Mitglieder aktiv an der Gestaltung seiner Regeln, Richtlinien und Aktivitäten beteiligen können. Wichtige Entscheidungen werden kollektiv getroffen, wobei die Mitglieder bei Angelegenheiten, die die Gemeinschaft betreffen, gleiches Stimmrecht haben. Außerdem dient unser Server als Drehscheibe für anregende Unterhaltungen und wertvolle Erkenntnisse auch abseits des Veganismus. Hier findest du ein Gefühl der Gemeinschaft und Unterstützung, wenn wir uns über gemeinsame Hobbys und andere Leidenschaften innerhalb der veganen Lebensweise aus