Community | Entertainment
A place where readers, watchers and creators of Pop Culture come to discuss Comic Books, TV, Film and Music.
Gaming | Hobbies
This is the Tsongporado channel, where you can join the community Radio show everyday at 10am-12nn
Hobbies | Entertainment
A server fully dedicated to anything Funko, as well as Pop Culture as a whole. Talk about Pops, announcements, collecting as a whole, movies, television, the whole works. **Please note that there will be a verification system in place upon joining. If you join from here, please mention that.
Community | Music
A community server for people to discuss/engage in activities about topics they like but with a friendly atmosphere. I just want a cool place to hang out and meet with cool people. (Read description for more info)
LGBT | Meme
This is HOE NATION! A group for the gays and the girls to Kiki! Gays being entirety of the LGBTQI+ community xoxo - Also on fb at 18k x
Entertainment | Social
The official Discord server of, home of the finest Star Wars comedy, parody, and satire on the Holonet. Here we discuss and make fun of the Star Wars universe which is all love as well as do weekly watch-along of The Mandalorian. Feel free to join us!