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Hello and welcome to the FlowerZone this is a flower themed server for chill people and artist. We are a new growing community of amazing people. I hope you enjoy your stay
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100 cute emotes for you to enjoy ♡ Join our other Nitro Emote servers! Positivity and good vibes only~
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˖˚˳⊹ Shiawase is a circle of people in a warming environment. ˖˚˳⊹ ˖˚˳⊹ Why don't you pop your head in for a peak? ˖˚˳⊹ ˖˚˳⊹ We will share our coziness like you are family! ˖˚˳⊹ ˖˚˳⊹ Don't be shy of our teeny-weeny community!! ˖˚˳⊹