Community | Gaming
A discord chess server centered around improving and engaging with an active community with learning and minigames.
Technology | Entertainment
The Alternate Reality Detectives Discord for Alternate Reality Games and More
Role-Playing | Community
Come tell your story of exploration and discovery - A Novel World welcomes worldbuilders, lore-crafters and adventurers! ANW is a story-driven server where you create the world through RP: complete quests, explore vast continents and oceans, and forge new myths and legends on a journey limited only by your imagination! A Novel World offers: - An unexplored world map, where civilisations and their histories depend on your stories. - Player created lore and mythology. - An opportunity to create, run or join quests in a world of flying continents, deep oceans, and mythic lands. - Based in sci-fi and fantasy, the possibilities for character creation are endless. - An active and friendly community and staff. - Basic RP rules apply: god-moding and meta-gaming are not tolerated. Join a slowly growing, ever-expanding universe of fantasy and technology today!
Meme | Hobbies
Bruh cubing server is a puzzle server mainly focusing on twisty puzzles like rubiks cubes this server offers . Cubing Lessons Weekly Competition Dank Memer + More Bots Levels + Leaderboard so if ur into that stuff join this server:
Community | Gaming
A community discord server, you can pretty much do anything there,we try to focus on quality and we support any feedback, we would love to have you there !