Gaming | Anime
Cheese lovers and worshippers come together to make an epic community. Anything you want we've got it. All for the sake of CHEESE🧀
Community | Gaming
A discord chess server centered around improving and engaging with an active community with learning and minigames.
Technology | Entertainment
The Alternate Reality Detectives Discord for Alternate Reality Games and More
Role-Playing | Community
Come tell your story of exploration and discovery - A Novel World welcomes worldbuilders, lore-crafters and adventurers! ANW is a story-driven server where you create the world through RP: complete quests, explore vast continents and oceans, and forge new myths and legends on a journey limited only by your imagination! A Novel World offers: - An unexplored world map, where civilisations and their histories depend on your stories. - Player created lore and mythology. - An opportunity to create, run or join quests in a world of flying continents, deep oceans, and mythic lands. - Based in sci-fi and fantasy, the possibilities for character creation are endless. - An active and friendly community and staff. - Basic RP rules apply: god-moding and meta-gaming are not tolerated. Join a slowly growing, ever-expanding universe of fantasy and technology today!
Technology | Science
This server is served as a trial/test process for all new initiates. You will have to solve the puzzle that's given to you upon you taking interest of course. The moment you solve the puzzle the gates to the real server will be opened to you. This is where the true experience awaits.
Financial | Programming
Join for a fun time cracking puzzles and code. Also a chance to win 700,000 dollars in cash prizes.
Gaming | Tabletop
A server for composed chess problems, studies, retros, and fairy problems. Problemists welcome!