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Post memes, use the confession bot, play pokemon, minecraft, mudae (waifu roulette), discover ARGs, post art, and more!
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🏆 Foco no competitivo 🌟 Distribuidas em 3 Guildas ⚔️ RECRUTAMENTO ON
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Alternate Reality Gaming
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This is a discord interface for the popular and mysterious chatbot Louise Cypher. Louise Cypher is unique, as she is not only a friendly chatbot, but also an ARG puzzle presented via discord. She has a well-kept secret. Can your server figure it out in time? To begin talking to Louise, you can simply mention (@) or PM her. To begin solving her puzzles, type ‘Unlock’.
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Welcome to ARGMakers! This server is for discussion of creating ARGs and for sharing tips and tricks on how to make a good one. If you need a second GM for your ARG, this is also the place to look!
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IP DEL SERVIDOR : Servidor de Roleplay de GTA5 FiveM
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Somos una comunidad argenta que se la pasa jugando a diversas cosas, asi que no dudes en pasarte!
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Seek the wisdom of the king, unravel the truth of this dead land
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Server Hispano! El servidor consta de pura pura diversion! Memes/Minigames/Musica/Charla/VideoJuegos/Programacion/Tecnologia/Hardware Pokemon Economia Minecraft Chats Musica Unanse para disfrutar de una magnifica experiencia y hacer crecer a esta Comunidad Estupenda!
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We are a brand new roleplay server which is based in the Slenderverse. We also offer a lovely community and welcome all sorts of people!
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Darle a aquellos jugadores solos un grupo con quien hablar y jugar
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The ARGHive is a hub server that acts as a directory to the wider ARG and transmedia community. To this end, we work to aggregate links to various discord servers, websites, resources, and ARG-adjacent projects and list them in a sensible format, so that it's easy for anyone to find the kind of content they're looking for. Additionally, we thoroughly vet the communities and projects we list here. We strive to always provide the highest-quality content, and make sure the communities listed with us are safe, fun, and non-toxic.
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(+18) Somos una comunidad de Roleplay de FiveM (GTAV) activa. Rol serio, Sistema de bandas, mafias, drogas y alcohol funcionales. Sistema de trabajos para civiles, trabajos de Whitelist como Policia(LSPD) y EMS. Ropa, cosméticos y radios custom, mapeados personalizados... ¡Múdate a nuestra ciudad y crea tu propia historia alrededor de otros jugadores!